Hydro Flasks: An Ideal Solution for Day Trips


Meet the Hydro Flask

When going on a hiking or backpacking trip, having tasty food and beverages out on the trail can make a big difference. From water to coffee to meals, having nourishment that tastes good can be just as important as the nutritional value that it provides. Nobody likes hot water, cold coffee, or cold soup, after all. Thanks to the innovative new products from Hydro Flask, you won’t need to deal with these annoyances!

Initially intended just for beverages, Hydro Flask has evolved into making products for food as well. These insulated, double-walled containers simply outperform all competitors in keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. New Hydro Flask products have added vacuum-insulated lids to complement their already-impressive canisters, allowing their products to get even better.

Hydro Flasks come in many different sizes and styles for many different purposes. Of course, the original idea was to keep beverages at the temperature at which they are intended to be consumed; cold beverages are kept frosty and hot beverages are kept steamy. The signature product for backpackers and hikers is the Hydro Flask Water Bottle, which comes in a variety of sizes and volumes. This water bottle uses the company’s signature double-walled, vacuum insulation to keep your water cold all day long. This impressive bottle can be used for the entirety of a day trip, or refilled constantly on a backpacking trip, as it keeps cold beverages cold for an astounding 24 hours. If you’re sick of warm water on long hikes, this is the bottle for you.

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Of course, if you like to bring hot beverages like coffee out on the trails, Hydro Flask has got you covered too! The Hydro Flask Insulated Pint is the perfect solution for backpackers and hikers who want a little bit of a caffeine kick during a hike. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to drink lukewarm coffee on a chilly morning on the mountain, and with the Hydro Flask pint, you won’t have to ever again!

While the Hydro Flask can keep things cold for 24 hours, it canĀ only keep things piping hot for 12 hours – we don’t exactly think that that will be a problem for post people. For 12 hours on the trail, you can keep your coffee (or tea; we don’t discriminate) as hot as it was when you first poured it. The Hydro Flask will give you the perfect reward for those cold mornings, or when you need a little bit of caffeine after physical exertion. Check out the insulated pint here!

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Finally, food can be even more important to keep at the right temperature than drinks. If you have soup or oatmeal, you definitely won’t want to eat it cold, and if you have something like chicken salad, eating it hot sounds disgusting and possibly unsanitary. Thankfully, Hydro Flask has moved into the game of preserving food temperatures as well, with the brand new Hydro Flask Food Flasks.

These food storage containers are just as effective at regulating food temperature as the water bottles and pints are at regulating beverage temperature. Like the bottles, they also have the benefit of being extremely lightweight and portable, eliminating the need for stoves and other camping cookware that can take up valuable space. These Food Flasks come in 12 ounce and 17 ounce sizes, giving you plenty of room to bring along a tasty, cheap lunch.

The Food Flasks keep the temperature of your food exactly as intended for three hours, giving you plenty of time to hike around, and still enjoy your meal in the way you want to. Hot dishes will stay warm and cold dishes will stay cold from the morning until lunch time, guaranteed. There’s no smarter way to pack food than the Hydro Flask Food Flasks, which you can check out here.

For food and beverages, you can’t go wrong with Hydro Flask products. Check out more options below!


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