Weekend Warrior Wednesday – March 19th

Warriors, unite! This week we get to check in on Warriors of all ages–from the inspirational Tatay Oca, 67, to a group of adventurous preschool-aged Young Warriors. Because it doesn’t matter how old or young you may be–the only prerequisite for being a Warrior is what’s in your heart. And I gotta say, all these fine […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – March 5th

Warriors, unite! This week we’re taking a trip to Tasmania, then heading back to the Catskills, with a couple layovers in Scotland and the desert. Why are we going on this journey? To bring you some of the best Warrior pics of the last several days and let you know what they’ve been up to! […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – February 5th

Warriors, unite! From Scotland to Bali, Banff to Bend, and the Moray Coast as well, warriors from around the globe were shifting into high gear this past weekend, tackling ice falls, mountains, blizzards and acrobatics. Check out the five photos below and then hit up the links to their blogs for even more awesome pics […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – January 15th

Warriors, unite! It looks to me like this year is starting off perfectly–I see more and more people getting out, taking hikes, going climbing, and camping under the stars. And I think that’s awesome! If becoming a true Weekend Warrior was one of your resolutions for 2014, let these pics and blogs inspire you to […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – December 4th

Warriors, unite! If you’re thinking it’s about time to work off that extra helping of Thanksgiving stuffing by hitting the trails, then you’re right! The following Warriors are way ahead of you, though, so take a look at what they’ve been up to for some motivation and then get your fannies out of doors! It’s […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – November 6th

Warriors, unite! This being the first post after Halloween, I was planning on making “Fear” the theme of this edition of Weekend Warrior. All about what scares us–whether it’s heights, reaching our goals, or second-guessing or footing. But then I went searching for Warrior photos and realized something: “Fear” has no place in what we do […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – October 23rd

Warriors, unite! Listen up: being a Weekend Warrior isn’t always about gripping a rock formation with two fingers while dangling over the edge of the world. It isn’t always about breaking records and shedding blood, sweat and tears while you do it. It isn’t always about pushing your body to the absolute limits of your endurance […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – October 16th

Warriors, unite! The weather is starting to cool down, paving the way for what I hear is going to be a truly wicked winter. But before that happens, we have plenty of Autumn to enjoy! And what better way to do that than by getting out to the gym, the trail, the boulder, the peak, or […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 28th

Warriors, unite! This week we honor the diversity of our fellow Weekend Warriors. I’m talking about all the different kinds of adventurers and explorers out there who tackle the same mountains, trails, ice walls, and boulders with the same unbreakable will and indescribable joy. Students, tour guides, scientists, and even dogs–all Warriors and all to […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 21st

Warriors, unite! Eeek! We’re one day late! Sorry! For lots of folks around the US, school is back in session. Kids are packing their bags, teachers are writing their lesson plans, and administrators are sharpening their pencils. Too bad for them, because we’re still out there grabbing ahold of the world and lifting ourselves up […]