The LifeStraw Water Purifier is the Lightest Backpacking Water Filter

LifeStraw is a lightweight, compact, powerfully effective water purifier from a company with a conscious. And while it’s the most lightweight filter for backpackers, LifeStraw knows that clean drinking water isn’t just a necessity for campers and hikers, it’s essential for everyone. Since its creation in 2005, the LifeStraw has become a must-have water purification […]

Best 3 Microfilters for Backpacking & Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Heading up into the Rockies without a portable water filter is like going for drive without insurance. If you need it and don’t have it on you, you’re in big trouble, compadre. Fortunately, a water filter is something you only have to pay for once. But just like buying car insurance, there are a whole […]

EcoVessel Tritan Water Bottle Filter

The EcoVessel Tritan is what happens when water bottles and water filters mate: You get a water bottle filter. The Tritan makes your water filtering life so much easier. Instead of pumping or stirring with a SteriPen, you just fill the water bottle up and drink. That simple. Unfortunately, while a great concept and overall […]

Best Backpacking Water Filters

The process of buying a new backpacking water filter is much more complex than you might think. You could just go into your local REI and pick up the first model that you see, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. All water filters are different–in size, in shape, in weight, in ability, and in […]

Katadyn Expedition Water Filters

The Katadyn Expedition water filter pumps out enough water to quench an army’s thirst. Learn why this is the best Katadyn base camp water filter. Katadyn Expedition Water Filter Overview Okay, let’s get this out of the way right now, the Katadyn Expedition water filter is not for the solo, duo, or even family hiking […]

Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter Review

The Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter treats large amounts of water in remote areas. See if a Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn Water Filter suits your next adventure As far as I can tell, I probably won’t have to use this gravity powered water filter at any time in the near or foreseeable future. That’s not […]

Katadyn Exstream XR Purifier Bottle

Fill & go. That’s the Katadyn Exstream XR Purifier Bottle’s motto. Waste no time treating water–the Katadyn Exstream Water Purifier purifies as you adventure. The Katadyn Exstream (or Katadyn MyBottle, as it’s now known) is not necessarily something you want to use as a primary water filter, but it is a great thing to have […]

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter Review: A Horror Story

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter is a popular, portable water filter for bacteria treatment and removal–but this review reveals why you shouldn’t buy one. After spending time using and looking at the Katadyn Hiker Pro, I have to say that it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. The Katadyn Hiker water filter worked perfectly for […]

Katadyn Vario Microfilter Review

Are Katadyn Vario Microfilters reliable for treating water while hiking? Read this honest, Vario Water Filter review to learn if it’s worth buying. The Vario Water Filter is an interesting Katadyn model. This is especially true when you do some research on its positive and negative sides. On the one hand, the it has amazing […]

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets are the best backup water treatment option for hiking and backpacking. Here’s why I use Katadyn Water Purification Tablets Here’s the deal: as far as chlorine dioxide products go, Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets are up there with the best of them. On a recent trip, I brought with me a packet […]