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Kootenay National Park: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This is a story shared by one of our readers who did not leave his/her name. Thank you for your contribution! On Monday, September 16th 2013, we pulled into the parking lot by the kindersley/sinclair loop trail head. A couple from Montreal asked if they could hike with my buddy and I. We agreed, introduced […]

What You Should Never Do If You Encounter a Grizzly Bear

A group of hikers along the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park encounter a grizzly bear. No big deal. You encounter grizzly bears often in Glacier National Park. After all, it is prime grizzly bear habitat. However, the video below is a lesson in how you should NEVER react if you bump into a grizzly […]

Black Bear Euthanized in Glacier National Park After 2 Weeks of Aggressive Behavior

After 2 weeks of inquisitive and aggressive behavior in the Fish Creek Campground, a Black Bear was euthanized by Glacier National Park rangers. This is quite the contrast to officials in Yellowstone euthanizing a black bear after 24 hours of aggressive behavior in the campground. Here’s the official word from Park Rangers in Glacier: (The […]

Does Menstruation Attract Bears?

I’m wondering: Does menstruation attract bears? Also, is it ok for women to wear hormone patches while backpacking/camping in bear country? Can bears

Animals in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, Montana: Animals and Wildlife   Animals in Glacier National Park include grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolves and more – Learn where to view and photograph Glacier National Park wildlife If you have read about the weather in Glacier National Park you may wonder whether any animals in Glacier National Park could possibly […]

Travelling with Bear Pepper Spray to Glacier National Park

I am trying to plan a Glacier National Park, Montana vacation in August. There will be three or four of us flying out from DC/Philly area. No one in

Glacier National Park Wildlife

Photographing Glacier National Park wildlife is the experience of a lifetime. Learn the best places to view animals in Glacier National Park, including moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and big horn sheep, and wolves. Wherever you go in Glacier National Park, you will see animals. What wildlife you view depends on where you go and […]

Preventing Bear Attacks: Q&A on Preventing Grizzly Bear Attacks

Grizzly bears pose serious threats to hikers. But preventing bear attacks is easy! A former National Park employee hosts a Q&A on preventing grizzly attacks

Firearms in Glacier National Park

Am I allowed to open carry a pistol in the park? Answer: Yes, you are now allowed to carry guns in our National Parks **sigh** That said, don’t expect

Top 5 Questions About Grizzly Bear Attacks

What do I do if a grizzly bear attacks? If you happen to encounter a grizzly bear on the trail and it charges, your best defense is using a can of bear repellent to deter the bear. Unbeknownst to many, bear spray successfully prevents an aggressive grizzly bear from inflicting harm 90% of the time. […]