Exploring Many Glacier Lodge

Glacier National Park, Montana


Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel in Glacier National Park provides iconoclastic imagery of Glacier National Park.

Located on Swiftcurrent Lake, a myriad web of trails weave together and branch off from Many Glacier Lodge, providing some of the best Glacier National Park hiking opportunities.

Before beginning, please keep in mind that this page is not designed for information on the lodge; for that, please refer to the East Glacier Montana lodging options page.

Rather, use this page to help plan your vacation to Glacier National Park and understand what this area of the park has to offer.

About Many Glacier

Unlike the rainforest conditions associated with Lake McDonald Lodge, the area around Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel is quintessential Glacier National Park:

Swiftcurrent Lake Glacier Park

Swiftcurrent Lake Sunrise
Photo by Stuck In Customs

  • Lush meadows dotted with wildflowers such as Indian Paintbrush and Glacier Lilies…
  • Expansive valleys surrounded by the rugged, craggy slopes and snowcapped, jagged peaks of Montana mountains…
  • Numerous turquoise, alpine lakes…


This area is why two million people travel to Glacier National Park each year.

If you only have a day in the park, make sure to hike and explore Many Glacier.

In addition to easy, day hikes that can be completed in an afternoon, numerous backcountry trails hug the ridges and climb the mountain passes in this area.

The combination of numerous, interconnecting trails and awe-inspiring views afforded by soaring mountain peaks and wide-open valleys, allows Many Glacier to provide some of the best opportunities for backpacking in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Camping in the Many Glacier Area

Unfortunately, there are not many front-country campground options in the Many Glacier area.

The only available campground is the Many Glacier Campground, which borders the lodge and provides 110 campgrounds from Late May to Late September.

This campsite allows vehicles and has some of the most breathtaking views from your tent in all of Glacier National Park. However, it’s incredibly popular and tends to fill up quickly.

If the Many Glacier Campground is full and you wish to camp on the east side of Glacier National Park, be sure to investigate the campgrounds in St. Mary Valley.

Wildlife Around Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel

Wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant around Many Glacier. The hike to Iceberg Lake is prime Grizzly Bear Habitat. It’s not uncommon for trails to be closed due to the high activity level of Grizzly Bears.

In addition to grizzly bears, mountain goats and bighorn sheep can be spotted in the higher elevation areas. It’s important to remember that no matter how tame and cute these animals may seem, they are still wild and can behave in unpredictable ways. Do not approach or attempt to touch them.

For bird enthusiasts, the meadows and forests come alive with the songs of countless bird species in the morning. Many Glacier’s a prime area for photographing birds in Glacier National Park.

Hiking in the Many Glacier Area

Perhaps more so than any area in Montana’s Glacier National Park, the trails that branch off from Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel provide the most ideal day hikes in terms of length, difficulty, and mind-numbing views.

Trail Length in Miles (roundtrip) Difficulty Description
Grinnell Lake 6.2 Easy An easy, afternoon hike from Many Glacier Lodge to Grinnell Lake.
Grinnell Glacier 11.0 Moderately strenuous Begins at the Swiftcurrent Picnic Area and goes to Grinnell Glacier.Runs along the west side of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine and interconnects with the Grinnell Lake Trail.
Swiftcurrent Pass 13.2 Strenuous A trudge from Swiftcurrent Inn to Swiftcurrent Pass.2,225 feet is gained, bringing the hiker to a maximum elevation of 6,770 feet. The hike can be extended one mile from Swiftcurrent Pass to Granite Park Chalet.
Ptarmigan Tunnel 10.0 Moderate A day hike that climbs 2,480 feet from Swiftcurrent Inn to Ptarmigan Tunnel, a Lord of the Rings-esque tunnel blown through the mountain. Definitely a unique trip.Can be extended to a longer backpack by camping at the foot of Elizabeth Lake.
Cracker Lake 12.2 Easy or Short Backpack Begins at Many Glacier Hotel and ends at Cracker Lake Campground. 1,120 feet is gained during this hike.
Iceberg Lake 9.0 Easy One of East Glacier Montana’s best day hikes. Begins at Swiftcurrent Inn

No visit is complete without a hike along Iceberg Lake trail and stopping to marvel at a Grizzly Bear paw mark in the mud…

… or stopping to gaze at Many Glacier Lodge and Swiftcurrent Lake from a trail.

Only then can you understand why this is called America’sLittle Switzerland.

If I were to recommend two hikes in this area, I’d suggest Iceberg Lake as a mild option and Ptarmigan Tunnel for the more adventurous spirits.

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