Hydro Flasks: An Ideal Solution for Day Trips

Meet the Hydro Flask When going on a hiking or backpacking trip, having tasty food and beverages out on the trail can make a big difference. From water to coffee to meals, having nourishment that tastes good can be just as important as the nutritional value that it provides. Nobody likes hot water, cold coffee, […]

The Best 4-Person Tents of 2015

Best 4-Person Tents of 2015 While we’ve already covered the best 2-person tents of 2015, we recognize that many of our readers like to camping with a larger crowd. Whether you’re planning on camping with your family or just a couple of buddies, there are many situations in which a 4-person tent is more suitable […]

Who Needs a Sleeping Bag When You Have a Selk’bag?

The Selk’bag Sleeping Bag For every camping trip, you need both a sleeping bag or quilt and a warm jacket. Why waste time searching for both when you can just get the best of both worlds with the Selk’bag Sleeping Bag?  This “sleeping bag” is like the high-tech, grown up cousin of the Snuggie, and it is […]

The Best Hiking & Trail Shoes of 2015

Best Hiking & Trail Shoes of 2015 As we continue to bring you all of the best gear available in 2015, today we will focus on hiking and trail shoes. Footwear is, of course, an essential part of every hiker and backpacker’s equipment, and having the right shoes can mean the difference between relaxation and […]

Shower Anywhere with the RinseKit!

The RinseKit Portable Shower If you’re going on a casual camping trip with your family, or if you just aren’t the biggest fan of completely roughin’ it when you’re in the backcountry, then odds are you would ideally like to maintain some level of hygiene on your adventures. Of course, when you’re in some of […]

The Best Lightweight Jackets of 2015

Best Lightweight Jackets of 2015 – Hiking & Backpacking While summer might currently be upon us, hopefully blessing us all with great weather for outdoor activities, we must always be cognizant of the fact that weather can change rapidly, and all serious backpackers and hikers need to be prepared for the elements. Whether you’re a […]

Hennessy Explorer Ultralight Hammock: A Hammock for the Extreme

Hennessy Explorer Ultralight Hammock While most hammocks are designed simply for rest and relaxation, there are certainly situations in which you want a hammock to be a little more high-performance; to have the ability to contend with the elements and whatever else mother nature might throw at you. If you’re camping in a hammock, you’ll […]

Best Two Person Tents of 2015

Best Two Person Tents Whether you’re planning a camping trip with your sweetheart or whether you and your buddy like to go on backpacking trips as a dynamic duo, an excellent two person tent is a must. There is no point in bringing an unnecessarily large tent into the outdoors if the party includes just two […]

The Innovative Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle When looking for a water bottle these days, you have a lot of different options. You can go with big, hydrating bottles like Nalgenes, or you can opt for featherweight, highly compressible bottles that are little more than tiny rolls of plastic. However, until now there as not been a water […]

The Best Camping Chairs

The Best Camping Chairs After a hard day hiking around the backcountry, you deserve a restful, comfortable evening. While sleeping is great, some of the best times camping in the great outdoors are spent relaxing around a campfire and sipping some beers. Of course, to be fully comfortable relaxing at the campsite, you will need […]