Park Employee Receives Citation in Wake of Last Week’s Mountain Lion Attack

Glacier National Park Employee Cited in Mountain Lion Attack In the aftermath of last week’s fracas that involved a mountain lion attacking a park employee’s dog in Glacier National Park, a park employee has been fined for not controlling her pet properly. The ordeal led to a park ranger (who was also one of the […]

Mountain Lion Killed in Glacier National Park After Attacking Dog

Park Ranger Shoots Mountain Lion in Glacier National Park Last Saturday, a Glacier National Park Ranger shot and killed a mountain lion near the employee housing area in West Glacier after the enormous cat attacked an employee’s dog. Around 5:00 PM on Saturday, a park employee let her dogs out of her car, and after […]

Check Out this Terrifying Bear Encounter (Video)

Man Stalked by Bear in Saskatchewan Have you ever had an encounter with a bear? We have a large collection of stories about encountering bears in the backcountry on the site. While most of the time seeing a bear can be a cool and majestic experience, sometimes bear encounters get downright terrifying. In the video below, […]

Kootenay National Park: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This is a story shared by one of our readers who did not leave his/her name. Thank you for your contribution! On Monday, September 16th 2013, we pulled into the parking lot by the kindersley/sinclair loop trail head. A couple from Montreal asked if they could hike with my buddy and I. We agreed, introduced […]

What You Should Never Do If You Encounter a Grizzly Bear

A group of hikers along the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park encounter a grizzly bear. No big deal. You encounter grizzly bears often in Glacier National Park. After all, it is prime grizzly bear habitat. However, the video below is a lesson in how you should NEVER react if you bump into a grizzly […]

Black Bear Euthanized in Glacier National Park After 2 Weeks of Aggressive Behavior

After 2 weeks of inquisitive and aggressive behavior in the Fish Creek Campground, a Black Bear was euthanized by Glacier National Park rangers. This is quite the contrast to officials in Yellowstone euthanizing a black bear after 24 hours of aggressive behavior in the campground. Here’s the official word from Park Rangers in Glacier: (The […]

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go: How to Go the Bathroom in the Woods

If you’re in nature & nature calls, whip out toilet paper, a trowel and start digging! Seriously. When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. That’s true wherever you are. Whether out for just a day or on a multi-day hike covering miles and miles of mountainside or forested trail, you’ve got to know […]

The Fall, Rise & Management of Wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

The federal government’s attempts to manage the wolf population in the northwestern United States over the past 20 years has been at best unpredictable and at worst atrocious. And to each segment of our population, the mission’s mere existence meant different things: To scientists, repopulating a community that was both in danger of extinction and crucial to […]

Seeing a Grizzly Bear in Jackson Hole's Paintbrush Canyon

During August 2010, I was in Jackson Hole supporting a relay for life American Cancer Society Fund raising event. Since I was going to be in Jackson Hole,

My Black Bear Encounter In Yosemite National Park

My son (aged 11) and I were hiking overland (no trail) in Yosemite National Park some years ago. We emerged from a stand of pines into a small meadow to