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To the Blackfeet Indians, the mountains of the Two Medicine region were referred to as the Backbone of the World.

In addition to hunting, the Blackfeet would venture into the shadows of these massive mountains on vision quests.

Today, this area is just as breathtaking and vision inducing for the trekkers who explore the vast, well-worn and well-connected trails that meander from lake to wildflower meadow to woozy mountain pass.

About Two Medicine

Two Medicine borders East Glacier, Montana and is one of the lesser-explored regions of Glacier National Park.

But it’s not because the area lacks beauty. Both upper and lower Two Medicine Lake make a perfect base camp, offering:

Two Medicine Glacier Park

Two Medicine Pass in
Glacier National Park, Montana

  • Calm shorelines
  • Turquoise water that reflects the towering spires that jut from the earth
  • Numerous campground accommodations
  • A diverse selection of trails

The main reason Two Med’s one of the lesser-explored areas of Glacier National Park is simply because itÂ’s not a direct artery of Going To The Sun Road.

However, it’s not as remote as areas like Polebridge, Montana, allowing visitors to explore the area without dedicating a few days.

The weather pattern here is unique to any area of the park. The Continental Divide cuts through the heart of Two Med, diverting most rain clouds.

Brief thunderstorms occur in the afternoon, causing this region to generally be dry. Thus, vegetationÂ’s low to the ground, unlike the dense, lush forests in Western Glacier. This is splendid for hikers, allowing dizzying vistas from any altitude.

Camping in Two Medicine

Two Med Campground is the only front country site in this region. It’s open from Late May to Late September, but primitive camping is allowed from 9/22 until 10/31, or until weather conditions permit.

ItÂ’s located on the east side of Two Med Lake and provides 110 campsites, most shaded by trees and all offering awe-inspiring views of sheer cliffs, open valleys and the peaceful lake shore.

Potable water is accessible and there are restrooms with flush toilets and sinks with running water. Reservations are not accepted and sites cost $20 in the summer. ThereÂ’s also a camp store for groceries just down the road.

This is one of the most peaceful, serene and family-oriented campgrounds in Glacier National Park.

If this campground is full, try Cut Bank Campground just a few miles north. It offers primitive camping (without restrooms and potable water, so be sure to have a portable water filter to treat your water with!) It’s accessed from a 5 mile dirt road off of Highway 89.

Wildlife Around Two Medicine

Like all regions of Montana’s Glacier National Park, the wildlife is reflective of the weather. With this drier climate, hikers are more likely to find Bighorn Sheep foraging grass at the higher altitudes than Mountain Goats.

Golden Eagles are also constantly spotted, soaring high above the grasslands that cascade against the bases of Montana’s mountains.

Although rare, mountain lions are occasionally seen in this region. As such, you must take appropriate caution and keep your kids and pets close by. Mountain lion attacks in Glacier National Park are rare and as long as you take the proper precautions, you and your family will be safe.

Hiking Trails Near Two Medicine

This region of the park offers easy afternoon hikes, moderate day hikes, and long, strenuous backpacking treks.

Trail Length in Miles (roundtrip) Difficulty Description
Upper Two
Medicine Lake
10.0 Easy A day hike along the northern shore of Two Med Lake.Along the way you pass Twin Falls, a double waterfall that rushes down a mountain side, until you reach a backcountry campground at the head of Upper Two Med Lake.
Scenic Point 6.2 Moderate An afternoon hike that begins at Two Med Road. You gain 2,242 feet until coming to the marvelous vistas of Scenic Point at 7,522 feet.On a clear day, you can see close to 100 miles!
Cobalt Lake 12.0 Moderate A moderate day hike or backpack from the lower boat dock. Hikers gain 1,400 feet until coming to Cobalt Lake.ThereÂ’s a backcountry campsite, allowing adventurous souls to spend the night before continuing on to Lake Isabel. Mosquitoes are plentiful here!View a hiking video I took from this area.
Dawson-Pitamakan 18.8 Strenuous A long day hike or backpack from Two Med Campground. You climb 2,935 feet, trudge over two Montana mountain passes, and have some of the most immaculate views in the park.View a hiking video I took from this area.
Medicine Grizzly
12.0 Easy A day hike from Cutbank Ranger Station to Medicine Grizzly Lake.

Due to the relative ease of access, sparser tourist crowds than areas of equal beauty, and non-primitive campgrounds, the Two Medicine region of Glacier National Park is ideal for most families and visitors.

Lake Isabel Glacier Park

Mountains around Montana’s Lake Isabel

Although there are not as many easy day hikes as regions like Many Glacier Lodge, I believe it’s foolish to skip this region.

If I were to recommend two hikes, theyÂ’d be Upper Two Med Lake for the family and Dawson-Pitamakan for the adventurous souls.

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  1. thanks for all the great info. fyi, it would nice if on the 2 med trail page to arrange it so the chart fits on one printed page rather than have it split on to two pages when printing.

    • Perry Rosenbloom says

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m not sure how I could do that for the trails… I guess I could create a document that you can download and then print… But I would imagine it still would take up two pages.

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  2. Linda:

    Thanks for your specific descriptions of each of the hikes. We will be in East Glacier early this spring and will stay in the Two Medicine area. Are the twin falls have a very tall vertical drop?

    FYI the Cut Bank campground is closed due to bear activity.


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  2. […] looking for solitude, you found it.  A variety of terrains greet hikers who make their way to the Two Medicines Region, with wildflower meadows, mountain passes, and lakes […]

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