July Backpacking Itinerary

A quick note…

Regarding bears, grizzly bears pose a serious threat.

Be certain to come prepared with a canister of Bear Spray. Ordering ahead of time will save you 20-30 dollars.

Okay, on with the itinerary!

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Park at Chief Mountain Customs in north Glacier National Park.

Day 1: Backpack to Elizabeth Lake Head. 10 Miles, relatively flat. Stop at Dawn Mist Falls on the way.

Dawn Mist Falls

Day 2: From Elizabeth Lake to Helen Lake. 6 Miles, flat.

Day 3: From Helen Lake to Glenns Lake Head. About 12 miles, relatively flat. You backtrack a little bit.

Day 4: From Glenns Lake to Mokowanis Lake. About 5 miles. Gain 1,000 feet.

Day 5: From Mokowanis Lake to Stoney Indian Pass. About 7 miles, gain 2,000 feet.

Day 6: From Stoney Indian Pass to Prince of Wales Hotel. About 10 miles and relatively flat. Take the hiker shuttle back to Chief Mountain.

Here is a detailed map of your backpacking trip

A few important notes…

The hiker shuttle from Prince of Wales Hotel to Chief Mountain Customs leaves at 2:30 PM. You need to be there in time to catch it.

There is a boat shuttle that will take you across the lake and cut about 5 miles off your last day, saving you lots of time if you are running late.

Or, you can make the trip shorter and cut out Helen Lake if you feel as if this is cutting it too close.

Here’s more info on the shuttle


There is always walk-in availability. If you are getting a walk-in permit, make sure to get to the ranger station bright and early (7 AM is when they open. Be there at 6:45).

However, I suggest putting your name in for a raffle system. It is the best way to semi-guarantee your trip.

Here’s the info for a backcountry permit application

Recommended Equipment

Here are my recommendations for hiking and camping equipment that suits your itinerary

Down Sleeping Bag: Go Lite Adrenaline

Bear Spray: Bear Spray is a must for any Glacier trip. Order it ahead of time and save about 40 dollars.

Backpack: My girlfriend has this Osprey pack and I almost bought it, too (opted for their new, ultra light pack). Osprey Atmos 65.

Tent: The MSR Hubba Bubba. Another, cheaper option is the Eureka 2 Person Spitfire. I use this tent and love it (plus, it’s WAY cheaper than MSR’s).

Have a great trip and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions

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