Glacier National Park Backpacking Tour

Are you a backpacker that loves escaping into the backcountry of National Parks? Then check out this Glacier National Park backpacking tour!

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‘Backpacking Tour’ Glacier itinerary:

Actually, we cannot provide you with an excerpt from this Glacier National Park itinerary, but we can tell you where it goes…

Why can’t we give you an excerpt? Because this itinerary is a detailed, Google Map that shows you where you hike, where you camp, the elevation gain… everything you need to know!

This is one of the best Glacier National Park itineraries we offer. And if you love escaping into the wilderness for 5-6 days, this is the right itinerary for you!

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Then become one of our hundred plus happy customers! For only $19.95, you get the best itinerary to Glacier National Park ever. Why is it the best? Because it’s written by me! A former park employee for 2 years.

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“Hi Perry—Thanks for the itinerary—-helpful especially the hike suggestions… Good tip about getting overnight backpacking permit for the car—never would have thought about that”

– Jack

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