Glacier National Park ToursWildlife Viewing and Sightseeing

Are you the type that likes to enjoy mild day hikes, view wildlife, take great photos, and soak up all Glacier National Park has to offer?

If so, this Glacier National Park tour is for you!

Here’s a sample from the
Mild Day Hikes and Wildlife Viewing
Glacier National Park tour:

Day 4

Option 1

Lodging – Camp at Avalanche Lake Campground or stay at Apgar Village. Both are only a few miles into the park, allowing you to claim a prime campground early in the day or check into your room bright and early.

Activities – Hike Avalanche Lake trail. Avalanche Lake is a half-day hike from Avalanche Creek Trailhead to Avalanche Lake. Round trip it is 6 miles and gains 505 feet. Very easy, but very rewarding. Pack a lunch and make a picnic out of it.

Many Glacier Lodge

Avalanche Lake

In the evening, watch the sunset over Lake McDonald from the back of the lodge. Sunsets can be breathtaking from Lake McDonald and it is a perfect, romantic way to end your first day in the park.

For dinner, either cook something at your campsite or head over to Jammer Joe’s across the street from Lake McDonald Lodge.

If you are in the mood for dessert, try some ice cream at Apgar Village.

Option 2

Lodging – Spend the evening at Village Inn at Apgar. Offers stunning views of Lake McDonald

Activities – Avalanche Lake. You must hike this trail while visiting. Since you are coming from Florida, you need time to get acclimated to the altitude. This is a perfect, short hike designed to do just that.

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