Grizzly Bear Stories

People are frightened of hiking through grizzly bear habitat. But millions do it each year–with many encountering a grizzly bear (and 99.9% living to share their story)

My wife and I refer to the grizzly bear we encountered in Yellowstone’s backcountry as OUR grizzly bear.

Time was suspended as we watched the grizzly bear lumber along the hillside, sniffing out food, oblivious to our presence.

What’s the story of YOUR grizzly bear? Was it:

  • An aggressive grizzly bear?
  • A curious bear?
  • Did it just plop down on the trail in front of you, refusing to move as it soaked up the Montana sunlight?
  • Did the grizzly bear investigate your campsite through the night?
  • Or did you spot it from the safety of your car?

What emotions did YOU experience? Did your spine tingle when you spotted a grizzly bear in the backcountry? Did your wife squeeze your arm so hard it stopped the blood?

Share your heroics and allay people’s fears of hiking near grizzly bears–share YOUR grizzly bear story with the world!

Have You Seen a Grizzly Bear While Hiking?

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