Archives for December 2008

Finding a Cheap Sleeping Bag

With the economy in shambles, finding a cheap sleeping bag for yourself or child can shave many dollars off of a camping trip. However, traveling to Wal-mart isn’t the right move. While you’re looking for a cheap sleeping bag price wise, you don’t want to sacrifice quality or you risk ruining your child’s love of […]

Choosing The Best Camping Utensils

Adequate camping utensils to meet the eating and cooking needs of your party can make a world of difference after an exhausting day of exploring Glacier National Park Advances in backpacking technology provide campers with a multitude of camp cookware options, ranging from cheap to absurdly expensive. Before you get ripped off in an online […]

Purple Wild Flowers

The purple wild flowers of Glacier National Park can be found clinging to life along a mountain pass, in fields of wildflowers congregated near Logan Pass, along riverbeds and lake shores—basically, almost anywhere you look you will spot violet wildflowers. Below you will find images and descriptions of common purple wild flowers within Glacier National […]