Finding a Cheap Sleeping Bag

With the economy in shambles, finding a cheap sleeping bag for yourself or child can shave many dollars off of a camping trip.

However, traveling to Wal-mart isn’t the right move. While you’re looking for a cheap sleeping bag price wise, you don’t want to sacrifice quality or you risk ruining your child’s love of the outdoos — or your own.

Luckily, many sites have sprung up to fill the void of cheap backpacking deals.

Buying the Best Cheap Sleeping Bags

My favorite of these is Steep and Cheap. Owned by Backcountry, they put one deal up at a time, with a minimum of 50% off and up to 80% off. The deals you can find on this site are out of this world! And they’re back-to-back deals all day.

Sometimes the deals aren’t that great… other times you can find a steal, like a sleeping bag for 70% off. You can’t find cheap backpacking equipment anywhere else.

The problem is, a lot of it is luck. I have Steep and Cheap bookmarked on my browser and check it everytime I’m online. They even offer a widget that will email you every time a new deal pops up. I personally find that annoying. I don’t want 10 emails a day from them, regardless of how good some of the deals may be. It’s up to you, though.

With plenty of time before camping season, you are sure to find a cheap sleeping bag by continuously checking their site for a monster deal.

Best Cheap Sleeping Bag

While Steep and Cheap is a fantastic option for finding inexpensive backpacking gear, there is an out of this world sleeping bag on the market that’s relatively cheap. In my opinion, the best cheap sleeping bag is the Cat’s Meow.

The benefits include:

  • 20 degree comfort rating, allowing you to use it in Glacier National Park
  • Still relatively lightweight at 2 lbs, 10 oz so you can backpack with it
  • A handwarmer pocket to keep your fingers insulated through the cold night
  • Full length draft tube to eliminate cold breezes

Learn more about the Cat’s Meow

I recommend all my visitors to REI. At REI you can find killer deals (it’s common to find many items at 25% off), and they offer free shipping to instore locations.

More Sleeping Bag Information

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