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Extreme Glacier Park Day Hike

Hey Perry, My wife and I are heading up to GNP for our 1 year anniversary. We don’t want to end up bear food so we’re sticking to Glacier Park lodges

Purchasing Ultralight Backpacking Gear

On my first backpacking adventure in Glacier National Park, I had no ultralight backpacking gear. I did not even own any lightweight backpacking gear, let alone ultralight. My backpack was a 6 pound Kelty Coyote, my tent weighed about 7 pounds–I even brought a tarp to place under my tent in case it rained. Needless […]

Questions About Glacier's Going to the Sun Road

A former park employee answers visitor questions regarding Going to the Sun Road. Learn when Going to the Sun Road opens, car limits, driving time & more

Best Ultralight Backpacks

Hardcore ultralight backpacks sacrifice comfort for weight. Luckily, technological advances have allowed companies to create backpacking packs that are both lightweight AND comfortable. After all, what’s the point in shedding weight if you cannot fully enjoy your time hiking? Are you on the lookout for a new ultralight backpack? In general, decent backpacks should last […]