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Best Backpacking Tents 2009-2011

This page was relevant from 2009-2011. The list from that time is no longer relevant, but is here for archival purposes. For the more up-to-date version, please see this list of backpacking tents Some of the original tents are still on the above list, as they are still made and still totally rock. So this […]

Best Backpacking Titanium Cookware

You cannot get around it: ultralight backpacking means purchasing titanium cookware. Quite simply, titanium pans weigh less than aluminum camping pans, conduct heat better and will last longer. Bottom line: even if you are not an ultralight backpacker, it pays to invest in titanium cookware. But honestly, titanium camping utensils are comparable in price to […]

Reviews of Alcohol Camp Stoves

Hardcore, ultralight backpacking knuckleheads–der, enthusiasts–will make homemade alcohol stoves out of a soda can. While you can stock up on empty soda cans through the year and learn how to make a beverage can stove, you’re better off dropping 30 bucks for a Vargo or Trangia ultralight, alcohol powered stove. Alcohol backpacking stoves are not […]