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How to Use Hiking Poles

Learn how to use hiking poles – If you don’t know why adjusting the length on trekking poles is necessary when changing terrain, you won’t get any of the best hiking pole benefits. A study found that antishock trekking poles can reduce the shocks imparted onto your knees by up to 25%. When hiking 3-12 […]

Best Hiking Poles

Don’t destroy your knees – purchase hiking poles. Trekking pole reviews, disadvantages, benefits, and how to choose the best hiking trekking poles. Everything I Know About Hiking Poles The benefits are numerous. And I can only think of 2 drawbacks: weight and size. However, by purchasing the best, lightest, collapsible, and most compact trekking/hiking pole, […]

Swiftcurrent Pass Grizzly Bear Encounters

Read stories of hikers who have encountered Grizzly Bears while hiking near Swiftcurrent Pass in Glacier National Park

Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Black Diamond trekking poles are the most common hiking poles used. Adjusting the length is easy on these compact trekking poles, and antishock saves your knees from harm. Learn more about the best Black Diamond walking poles below. The below Black Diamond trekking pole comparisons take the three best trekking poles by Black Diamond and […]