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Gunsight Pass Hiking Guide

About Gunsight Pass Trail Trail Highlights -Spectacular alpine hiking, lakes, glaciers, lush meadows, abundant wildlife Roundtrip Length – 19 miles Elevation Gain – 5,260 feet Peak Elevation – 7,050 feet Parking Lot — Yes Difficulty – Moderate Region – Logan Pass Availability of Water – Yes Gunsight Pass Trail is one of the most popular […]

Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Guide

About Swiftcurrent Pass Trail Trail Highlights – Crystalline alpine lakes, lush meadows strewn with wildflowers, gorgeous views of the surrounding snowcapped peaks and plentiful wildlife. Roundtrip Length – 13.4 miles Elevation Gain – 2,500 feet Peak Elevation – 6,770 feet Parking Lot — Yes Difficulty – Varies from easy at the beginning to strenuous at […]

Scenic Point Hiking Guide

About Scenic Point Trail Trail Highlights — Waterfalls, valley views, mountain tundra, lake vista, white forest, and amazing panoramic sightseeing Roundtrip Length — 6.2 miles Elevation Gain — 2,242 feet Peak Elevation — 7,522 feet Parking Lot — Large, but often crowded Difficulty — Moderate Region — Two Medicine Availability of Water — Yes Two […]