Asolo FSN 95 GTX Hiking Boots: Video Reviews & Testimonials

The Asolo FSN 95 GTX Hiking Boots are extremely durable and comfortable. They’ll hold up to everything from light day hikes to serious backcountry trips. They’re fully GORE-TEX, which makes them water resistant, and they come up past your ankles for great support.

Below are video reviews of people who actually own and use the Asolo FSN 95 boots (including me!). This page will be updated anytime we film a new video review so check back often!

Video Review

Name:  Perry Rosenbloom

Pros:  Durable, great traction, water resistant, breathability

Cons:  None

Owned For:  Five or six years

Recommends:  Yes

Hey Everyone!

I’m going to apologize if our dog gets into the shot a little bit. We just climbed Mt. Sanitas with our pup, and he’s a little rambunctious right now.

Anyway, I’ve owned these boots for about five or six years now. And I absolutely love them. I would never buy another brand of boots besides Asolo. I’ve hiked well over 2,000 miles in them. Probably closer to 3,000 actually. Taken them to Spain, taken them to Glacier and hiked all over Colorado with them, and they are absolutely fantastic.

Let me give you a quick tour of the boot. They are GORE-TEX. This is all GORE-TEX right here. That’s all GORE-TEX right there. Spin it around here. It’s got nice solid toe protection. Don’t know what that’s made of, but great breathability.

As you can see they’re pretty run down and I’m going to need to get a new pair soon. But in the many years I’ve owned them, I haven’t gotten a single blister from them. They are absolutely fantastic.

Now I’m going to show you guys what these look like on, take a quick walk with them and that’ll be the review.

So here we go.

We just hiked about a three mile hike and maybe climbed about 2,000 feet in that amount of time, and my feet stayed totally cool and totally dry with the GORE-TEX and the breathability of these boots. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Alright. I really don’t have a single bad thing to say about them. I’d recommend them to anybody.

Here’s a quick little hike in them just to show you how they look. You get great traction, great protection, great breathability. They dry fairly quickly. If you’re going backpacking, I’d recommend bringing a few pairs of wool socks in case you get wet. But that’s with any backpacking trip. Nothing bad to say about these boots, they are just awesome. Great traction. You can do anything with them. They are just a fantastic pair of hiking boots.

They come above your ankles, so you have really great ankle protection in case you roll your ankle or something. I’d recommend them to anybody.

I’d give them five out of five stars.

I’m debating buying a new pair soon. I’ve owned these for five or six years now, and they’re really just awesome. So until the soles fall out on me, I’m going to keep wearing them.

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