Easiest Hikes and Waterfalls in Glacier National Park

What are the easiest and fastest trails?

Also, which waterfalls are the easiest to get to?

Your site is very helpful! Thank you!


Hi Leah,

Sorry for the delayed response, but hopefully answering now will get this fresh in your mind for your Glacier vacation.

The easiest waterfalls to hike to in Glacier National Park are:

  • St. Mary’s Falls
  • Running Eagle Falls
  • Dawn Mist (a little harder, but well worth it)
  • Florence Falls (a must in early season)
  • Bird Women Falls (easy to view from Going to the Sun Road)

In terms of easiest day hikes in Glacier National Park, some of my favorite include:

  • Avalanche Lake/Trail of the Cedars
  • Hidden Lake
  • St. Mary’s Falls
  • Gunsight Lake (longer and more difficult, but well worth it)
  • Iceberg Lake (also more difficult but breathtaking)

Of course, dozens of other options exist, but those would be my personal recommendations.

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Hope that helps!



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