Finding a Hiking Partner in Glacier National Park

Hi – Are there hikes in Glacier National Park that you can sign up for with groups?

I’m traveling to Glacier National Park on my own and want to do day hikes with others.

This would be in late July




Hi Eliza,

There are Ranger led hikes in Glacier National Park.

You see them everywhere, especially during the peak months of July and August.

Here’s a link to the Glacier National Park Service website that details the events occurring in every month. Since July is so far away, they don’t have events detailed yet. But check back around March and I’m sure you’ll find dates of guided hikes that you can join.

Since you will be traveling solo and I presume it’s your first time at Glacier National Park, I would recommend buying a travel itinerary.

I offer 7 day, customized Glacier National Park vacation itineraries for only $19.95. Dozens have been sold and everyone has been thrilled with their purchase.

Each trip is customized to meet your vacation needs and demands and you’re guaranteed to have the vacation of your life.

Either way, enjoy Glacier National Park and be sure to return to this site for frequent updates.



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