Five Ten Gambit Rock Climbing Shoes

The Five Ten Gambit rock climbing shoes are the perfect shoes for beginning rock climbers. They’re durable enough to take a beating at the gym or on the rocks. With perforated synthetic leather, they mold to your feet to give you an exact fit so you can get the performance you need out of them.

Below are video testimonials from people who actually own and climb with the Five Ten Gambit. Watch what they have to say about the shoes to find out if they’re the right pair for you!

Video Reviews

Name: Nancy Kole

Pros: Inexpensive, Easy to Get on and Off, Tight Fit

Cons: Can’t Get Tight Enough in Upper Part of Foot

Owned For: 2 Years

Recommends: Yes

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Hi! I’m Nancy Kole. I live in Boulder and go to CU and I’m here today to talk about my Gambit Five Ten climbing shoes. These are great shoes. They’re the first of pair of climbing shoes I’ve ever owned and are great for beginners.

They’re not too expensive. Around the 40-60 dollar range. They are lace-up, which a lot of people don’t like, but they’re OK for me.

So, they’re a pretty tight fit. Climbing shoes are notoriously shaped like this, so they’re a little hard on your feet, but these fit great for me.

A lot of people like to have velcro climbing shoes so they can get the tightest fit possible. But I find that if you pull really tight, then you can get a pretty good fit.

They don’t pinch my toes up, because they have this protection right here. It hasn’t worn down and I’ve been climbing outdoors and indoors with them for about 2 years. If you’re looking to start climbing but don’t know what shoes to get, these are great to start with.

What don’t you like about them?

I would say that it’s kind of a hassle that there’s this huge gap right here for the laces, so you can’t get it as tight as you want around this part of your foot.

Great! Anything else you’d like to tell all the viewers?

They have these toe loops so you can get them on and off pretty easily.

How many stars out of five would you give it?

I would give them a 3.5 or 4 out of 5.

Why not a full five stars?

Because of the laces and they’re good for beginners, but they’re not really that sophisticated.

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