Glacier National Park Hiking in September

Two of us are considering a week trip to hike Glacier National Park from the 17th to 26th in September.

A few things I wonder about is that part of Going to the Sun Road will be closed (weather or construction) and some Glacier National Park campgrounds close around the 15th.

Will we be able to access all the trail heads in Glacier National Park?

What park services might we miss out on?



Hi Carl,

Fall in Glacier National Park is an amazing time to visit; however, for avid hikers visiting Glacier for the first time, mid-September is not the best month.

No matter what time of year you visit Glacier National Park, you can never guarantee that ALL trailheads will be accessible–however, by traveling in mid-September you can guarantee that some will be inaccessible.

Going to the Sun Road closes at different times every year depending on winter weather. Typically this is from mid-September to mid-October. You’re sort of rolling the dice.

Even though Logan Pass may be closed, you can still access many trailheads at a lower elevation on either side of Glacier.

On the west side, I’d recommend hiking Avalanche Lake/Trail of the Cedars.

On the east side of Glacier National Park, you can try hiking these trails:

  • Iceberg Lake
  • Gunsight Lake and Florence Falls

However, there’s no guarantee any of these trails will be open. You are rolling the dice and will have to see what’s available when you travel.

That said, there are benefits to traveling in September, such as:

  • No crowds
  • Leaves changing
  • Snowy mountains make for great photographs

For a first time visitor though, I’d recommend traveling during the summer months so that you best experience Glacier National Park.

Anyone have other thoughts to help Carl?

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