Glacier National Park Taxi Service: Many Glacier to Polebridge


We are planning on hiking from Kintla Lake to Many Glacier in late August over 5 days with only 1 car parked at Many Glacier.

Is there a taxi company that can drive us to the start of the hike at Kintla Lake from Many Glacier?


Hi George,

What a great hike you have planned out!

There used to be a taxi service based out of Kalispell that would likely provide that service, but they recently went out of business.

You really have two options:

1. Rent two cars.

2. Park your car at Many Glacier Lodge. Hitchhike from Many Glacier to as far into the park as you can get. Take the shuttle service to Apgar and then hitchhike into Kintla.

Option 2 could potentially take all day though. Getting to Apgar wouldn’t be terribly challenging, but going from Apgar to Kintla would be. Definitely possible, but be prepared for an adventure (but hey, you’re going to Glacier–I know you’re prepared for an adventure!)

Good luck and let me know what you decide!

Have a great day!

~ Perry

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Feb 03, 2011



Good call, Buck

by: Perry

I agree, Buck. The easiest and best way is by renting two cars…

But, I do think going from Kintla to Many Glacier is worth it. The hike up to the top of Boulder Pass is breathtaking and then the rest of the hike to Many Glacier is fairly easy.

(by breathtaking, I mean gorgeous and exhausting)

If you camp at the foot of the ascent and then make the climb up to Boulder Pass in the morning, you shouldn’t have any problem.

When I hiked that trail a few years back, we started from the front country campground at Kintla Lake and hiked all the way to Boulder Pass in one day. That was a little too much–especially because we climbed to the pass in the heat of the day.

But if you spread the climb out throughout the morning and get an early start, you will be totally fine.

~ Perry

Feb 02, 2011



Rent Two – Dump One

by: Buck

I believe the most efficient in terms of time although not the cheapest would be to rent two cars at the airport drop one at Kintla and then drive the other to East Glacier and drop it at the seasonal Hertz office there. You can catch the East side shuttle to Many Glacier from the Glacier Park Lodge the next morning. This would require you to reverse your route but your probably better off not climbing out of the Kintla area anyway unless you like the punishment. Easier the other way. Been there.Done that.

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  1. You should be aware that NO regular commercial vehicles are allowed past the Polebridge RS. If you come up by taxi, you will be dropped at the entrance and have to hitch to the trailhead. GPI can pick up or drop off people signed up for one of their guided trips; you would need to contact them re how that works.

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