Heimplanet’s “The Cave” is Unlike Any Tent You’ve Ever Seen


Backpackers are always searching for ways to make their loads as light as possible while out on the trails, and retailers are always trying to come up with new ideas that make ultralight backpacking a lighter endeavor than ever.

The latest innovation in the world of ultralight backpacking and camping is the Heimplanet “The Cave” Tent, which is a one-of-a-kind, inflatable tent.

Heimplanet The Cave Tent

Yes, no need to pack all those annoying poles and spikes – all you need to pitch The Cave is a small air pump. There are no pieces to assemble, as this geodesic tent operates with an air pole frame system that gives the tent support through a few intertwined exterior chambers that become rigid when filled up with air.

The Cave’s inflatable design makes it an ideal tent to pitch in adverse conditions or when it’s dark outside, as there are many fewer pieces to worry about here than with a traditional tent. While it might seem like an inflatable tent could be a bad idea in bad weather, fear not – The Cave has been tested and proven to withstand wind gusts of over 60mph. Take a look below:

Indeed, The Cave is built for expeditions and casual camping trips alike, and can deal with pretty much whatever elements are thrown at it. Surrounding the inflatable frames are a flysheet, mesh inner layer, and a groundsheet which are made of durable polyester and nylon taffeta, protecting your from winds and allowing breathability.

The Cave’s frame is comprised of five separate inflatable tubes, which gives it a unique ability to function successfully even if the frame is compromised. If any of the tubes have trouble holding air or get damaged, you can “lock off” the defective region, keeping the tent’s structure intact and preventing further air loss and collapse.

The Cave can comfortably sleep three people, and provides 54 square feet of interior room, making it a comfortable option for multiple campers.

If you want to learn more about this innovative new tent, which is truly unlike anything else out there right now, you can check out “The Cave” on Amazon, or on Heimplanet’s website.

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