Jetboil Flash Cooking System Review

The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is one killer backpacking stove. It compacts down into barely anything, so it eats into no pack room. Plus, this bad boy can boil 2 cups of water in under 2 minutes! A feat few stoves can attest to.

Below you’ll find video reviews of the Jetboil Flash Cooking System. These are real owners who have owned the Flash giving their candid thoughts on the stove.

Video Review

Name: Lydia Fiser

Pros: Fast to Boil, Compact, Lightweight

Cons: French Press Attachment Doesn’t Work Well

Owned For: Over a year

Recommends: Yes

Hi, my name is Lydia Fiser and I’m from Denver, CO and today I’m going to be reviewing my Jetboil Flash Cooking System.

The Jetboil is a camping stove. We actually use it for backpacking because it fits right in your pack really easily, it’s super lightweight, and everything packs up into the stove itself.

You open it up and it stores everything inside: Here’s your fuel, your cook top, and here’s the stand, so you don’t burn anything down.

You open your stand and put the fuel in here. Take the fuel cap off, and the cook stand screws right into the fuel.

Take the bottom of the cooking system off and put it right on top.

My favorite thing about the Jetboil is that this (translucent hologram on the side) turns orange when the water is about to boil, so you never risk over boiling your water (as long as you keep your eye on it).

You can do about 3 cups of water in here. You don’t want to overdue it, otherwise it will overflow. Otherwise, that’s your only safety thing. It is very sturdy. You use, like, no fuel at all to boil water. I’ve tried cooking other things in it before and it’s a little bit messy to clean up, but it does work. It’s awesome!

Any idea how long it takes to boil a cup of water?

About a minute.

Wow. That’s great!

Really, really fast.

Anything you don’t like about the stove?

We actually got with it the coffee attachment. It’s like a French Press. I’m missing a piece to it, but see, you put the stick together and there’s supposed to be a filter right here, which I’m missing. It’s supposed to be like a French Press, so you put the coffee in here and boil water and just push it down. But it’s terrible and you should just make cowboy coffee anyways.

What’s cowboy coffee?

Cowboy coffee is when you put your grounds in your boiling water and then just drink it.

How many stars out of five would you give it?

I’d give it a full five.

Great. Thank you so much, Lydia!

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