Jetflow Raptor Review

The Jetflow Raptor is a picture-perfect daypack. It has all the features you could ask for, including plenty of storage (7 pockets in total for 600 cubic inches of space) and comfortable padding. But most importantly, it uses Jetflow’s Patented Eagle Hydration System that is BPA free, compatible with any water bottle, easy to clean, and has no plastic taste.

I personally tested the Jetflow Raptor out over the course of a week. Below is my video testimonial of this awesome backpack.

Video Review

Name: Perry Rosenbloom

Pros: Hydration System, Rain Cover, Lots of Storage

Cons: None

Owned For: 1 Week

Recommends: Yes

Hey Everyone,

Today I am gonna be reviewing my Jetflow Raptor Daypack. This is a really cool pack, especially because they got some nice propriety technology that revolutionizes how a Camelbak, hydration system is used. Let me show you what I mean.

So, down here is where the water is stored. The backpack comes with a water bottle–and everything about this hydration system is 100%, BPA free. And it also comes with these other attachments, so you can use any kind of bottle you want. You can use even a Gatorade bottle here, if you are so inclined.

But what’s also great and unique about it is that there are two different tubes here. This tube takes in air and this tube is where you bite and drink your water from. Because of the airflow, or, in this case, the JetFlow technology, when you suck, air comes in here and it allows you to drink your water really, really quickly. You know how with your typical Camelbak, you bite and suck for a long time? Well, in this case you just bite and you get your water instantly. And it tastes great.

So that’s one thing that makes this pack really special–probably the best thing. You can even use the hydration system on your own pack. This Jetflow tube does not need to be on the outside. It can be tucked inside your pack. So you can use this hydration system on any backpack or daypack you may have.

This backpack has just enough space to make it an ideal daypack. You have this pocket up here, which has enough space for your wallet or iPhone. In the front you have these two pockets, which is where I keep my wallet.

This is the main pocket. As you can see, I have a water bottle that also filters water as you drink it. I’ve also packed up my Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. I have some cashews, too. There is a plenty of room and plenty of different pockets to store your gear.

You can even take this water bottle and let’s see if it fits in the side pocket. No, doesn’t look like it will. But I’m sure that a standard, 16oz bottle will fit there, no problem.

There are a few other cool features about it such as this strap right here. In order to prevent you from having extra cord dangling around, you just wrap your extra cord up and velcro it together. You know how on a standard pack you’re tightening and loosening your straps to get the perfect length? Well, with this, what you can do is just roll the extra cord up so you don’t have any loose cords to get caught on trees, or just get in the way and get annoying. So you tighten it up and just velcro together. Nothing revolutionary, but a nice, little edition you don’t see in every pack.

Finally, what I think is really great about this daypack is that down here is a built in rainjacket, or rain cover, for it. And that’s just awesome. So if you are out on a day hike and a storm rolls in, all you have to do is take the cover out, wrap it up, and there you go. All your gear, your clothes, your food–they all stay perfectly dry!

I will just put this away and throw the pack back on me so you can see what it looks like on.

You have your hip-belt right here. Here is a chest clip as well. And that’s about it.

Again, this is the Jetflow hydration system being used on the Jetflow Raptor Daypack. Get your water nice and easily. Great pack!

This was provided to us by Jetflow to experiment and test out. Over the last week and a half we’ve hiked about 10 miles using it. I really like the pack. I love the technology. I give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars for a daypack.

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