Keen Newport H2 Sandals Review

The Keen Newport H2 sandals are one of the best rated hiking sandals out there.

Perfect for day hikes, casual lounging & any water sports, these sandals are bound to keep you happy for years.

They provide additional ankle support than most traditional hiking sandals and have great traction for aggressive day hikes. They have a lifespan of 2-3 years before they wear down and need to be replaced.

Below are video reviews & testimonials from actual owners of Keen Newport H2 sandals. One of the reviews is me. I’ve owned the Newports for years and absolutely love them.

The other review is from Paul McGuire, a family friend who we caught up with while hiking in North Carolina.

Name:  Perry Rosenbloom

Pros:  Toe protection, Ankle support, Breathable

Cons:  Pebbles get stuck in sandals

Owned For:  3 years

Recommends:  Yes

Today I’m going to be reviewing my Keen Newport H2 Sandals.

I’ve owned these guys for about three years now and if you’re looking for a pair of hiking sandals, you really can’t go wrong with them. As you can see, there’s a little bit of wear and tear here, over here this is peeling off… on this side, as well… the heel is starting to wear down…

But, like I said, I’ve owned them for three yars and overall, I really feel like I’ve gotten my money out of them.

One thing that’s really great about them is the traction. You can take them on really aggressive hikes and not have any problems. They stick real well… You wouldn’t want to go backpacking with them or anything, but for day hikes, you really can’t go wrong with these hiking sandals.

Another thing that I really love about them is this little pull cord here. You can pull it up and then zip it on down and it keeps your ankle a little more secure.

A major drawback with hiking sandals is you have no ankle support. So by zipping this closed, it tightens up right in here a little bit and you have a little more support so you’re less likely to roll your ankle and injure yourself if you’re hiking a more aggressive day hike.

Another thing that I really love about these sandals is this protective toe bit here. I stub my toe all the time, whether I’m hiking or just hanging around the house. By having this bit of rubber here it really saves a lot of injuries.

I’ll show you real fast… You can kick anything as hard as you want and there’s really no problem at all-you’re not going to hurt your toes with these sandals.

One of the biggest drawbacks of these sandals is the amount of pebbles that can get in here. So if you’re hiking or walking around, you can really easily get a pebble caught in here.

I didn’t get any right now, but whenever you do get a pebble caught in, you have to take the sandle off, you have to empty it out…

I find that to be a major, major pain because I like to go hard, I like to go fast when I’m hiking and when I have to stop to remove a pebble from my sandal, it’s a major pain.

But, overall, I love these sandals. I’m going to be buying a new pair in a few months for this summer just because these guys have worn down on me too much.

So, overall, I give these five out of five stars. If you’re looking for a pair of hiking sandals, I highly recommend the Keen Newport H2 sandals.

Thanks a lot.

Name:  Paul McGuire

Pros:  Durable, Versatile, Waterproof

Cons:  None

Owned For:  1 year

Recommends:  Yes

I am Paul McGuire from Balsam, North Carolina and I wanna talk about my Keen Newport Sandals.

I bought them last year and they have been fantastic so far. They have held up well. I can hike anywhere in them.

Just today, I went hiking in the mountains and they were pleasure to wear in the mountains. I wear them everywhere and anywhere: In the water, out of the water, up and down rocks and mountainsides. Anywhere I can, I’ll wear them.

I had a previous pair of sandals like these–another brand, before my Keens–and they didn’t make it three months. So I said, ‘OK, I am gonna go ahead and buy me a pair of Keen sandals,’ and I did, and I have not regretted it. They are gonna last a long time and I am very pleased with them.

Anything you don’t like about them?

Ummm, No, no, I like everything about it.

How many stars out of five would you give them?

Five. They are great hiking sandals.

Alright, great thanks you so much.

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