Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T Video Review

The Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T is light-weight and snug so you can wear it under anything to keep you warm. It’s great for cold winter trips as well as when the weather suddenly changes in the summer, spring or fall. It’s one of those pieces of gear you’ll want to always have with you.

Video Reviews

Name:  Allyson Rosenbloom

Pros:  Comfortable, warm, snug

Cons:  None

Owned For:  Four years

Recommends:  Yes

Today I’m going to be reviewing my Mountain Hardwear thermal shirt. This one is made of 100% polyester. It is super light-weight, so it comes with me on every outdoor adventure, even in the summer, because you never know when the weather is going to change and you’re going to need something like this.

It’s so thin that it can fit under any jacket throughout the winter, and it provides so much warmth. It fits nice and snug. I like black so you can wear it with anything at all. There is a zipper on it. I find only on the super cold days do I actually use that zipper. It comes up and it can take care of your neck with all that good protection.

I’ll do a full spin so you can see what it looks like on.

I’ve had this shirt for, I’d say, probably around four years now. I love it. It holds up well in the wash, but I always air dry it. I would give this five stars out of five for the Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T.

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