All Facts About Wolves

Few creatures have intrigued man as much as the wolf, which is why this wolf facts list is compiled. Have you ever heard a wolf howl? Few things are as unsettling while simultaneously intriguing. While most visitors never see a wolf, many hear wolves howl in Glacier National Park. Unfortunately, many people don’t know much […]

Grizzly Bear Facts

While their latin name implies dreadful, real grizzly bear facts prove otherwise. In actuality, the grizzly bear is one of nature’s most magnificent predators and once roamed much of North America. Grizzlies are technically brown bears. The only distinction between the two is habitat: bears roaming coastal areas along Alaska and Canada are referred to […]

Bear Repellent

Hiking in Glacier National Park without bear repellent puts the lives of your entire hiking party at risk. The fact is, Glacier National Park is prime grizzly bear habitat. Although they’re not aggressive toward humans by nature, grizzly bear attacks happen. In the event of encountering an aggressive grizzly bear, bear spray is the only […]

Montana Fish and Wildlife

Wild, romantic, and noble, Montana Fish and Wildlife is representative of America. It’s the America that inspired Lewis and Clark to continue their westward trek, the America filmmakers like John Ford recreated in his Westerns, and the America the US National Parks system preserves. While in Glacier National Park, viewing Montana’s, fish and wildlife is […]

Montana Facts

When people think of Montana, their imagination weaves Montana facts and fiction together. Few have ever been to this magnificent state, let alone know someone who has traversed its emerald forests, dizzying mountains, gaping chasms, endless plains and lazy rivers. The only Montana facts people are aware of is that Montana is a part of […]

Identify Wildflowers in Glacier National Park

With over a thousand species, wildflower identification is a fun, engaging activity that can be done anywhere in Glacier National Park: From high-alpine meadows… to the rugged slopes of the Lewis & Clark mountains… to the fields and prairies they cascade into. From dense forests that envelope the eastern side of the park… to the […]

Grizzly Bear Attack Information

Glacier National Park, Montana, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons & Alaska Let me begin by stating that grizzly bear attacks are rare. Just because you’re hiking in grizzly bear habitat, which Montana’s Glacier National park is, does not mean you’ll even encounter a bear. However, if you do come across a grizzly bear while hiking in Glacier […]

Hiking in Grizzly Bear Habitat

All of Glacier National Park’s wilderness is grizzly bear habitat. It’s an aspect of Montana’s beauty that both entices and frightens park visitors. Although the likelihood of encountering a grizzly on a trail in Glacier National Park is slim, and chances of a grizzly bear attack are even slimmer, you must take the proper precautions, […]