Mountain Lion Facts & Information

These mountain lion facts and statistics may surprise you. While Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming and Montana residents are well-aware that they live in mountain lion habitat, few Americans realize that nearly half of America has had official mountain lion sightings. Many humans fear these animals–and rightfully so. However, so long as you understand Mountain Lion Behavior, […]

Bear Awareness in Glacier National Park

I don’t want to scare you (or anyone else who reads this), but I think one should be very aware of bears when hiking in Glacier National Park. It can

Hole in the Wall August 07

On the second day of a backcountry trip in Glacier, we shared our area with a Grizzly. Our route was a shuttle from Goat Haunt to Kintla Lake via the

Grizzly Bear Stops Our Hike to Gross Ventre Falls

Back in 2004, my wife Yumi and I had set up camp at Cosley Lake and decided to hike over to Gros Ventre Falls, since we were headed over to Elizabeth Lake

Grizzly Encounters in Glacier National Park

In August of 2008 my hiking partner spotted a grizzly while we were on the Grinnell Glacier trail in Glacier National Park, just below a waterfall that

Preventing & Surviving a Moose Attack

Although they appear gentle, wild moose attack hikers and tourists every year in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Alaska and throughout Canada. In fact, in the mandatory, park ranger introduction session I underwent as a Glacier National Park employee, the park rangers said wild moose are more dangerous than grizzly bears. I couldn’t believe […]

Top 5 Questions About Grizzly Bear Attacks

What do I do if a grizzly bear attacks? If you happen to encounter a grizzly bear on the trail and it charges, your best defense is using a can of bear repellent to deter the bear. Unbeknownst to many, bear spray successfully prevents an aggressive grizzly bear from inflicting harm 90% of the time. […]

Mountain Lion Behavior

Glacier National Park, California, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Colorado Mountain lion behavior around people tends to be avoidance. These mammals do not want to be seen or noticed, but have probably observed you whenever you hike through their habitat. Even amongst each other, mountain lions tend to be wary. They live solitary lives and the only […]

North American Gray Wolf Diet

What do wolves eat? While the wolf diet primarily consists of the meat of grazing animals, they will resort to eating smaller rodents and some berries. Contrary to popular belief, wolves are not skilled predators. While they are highly intelligent and hunt in packs, they must isolate weak and young members from the herd and […]

Yellow Wildflower Identification

The yellow wildflowers scattered across Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains are some of the most distinct and beautiful. They can be spotted and identified anywhere in the park, from the high elevation meadows at Logan Pass to alongside backcountry hiking trails. Below you will find images and descriptions of common, yellow wildflowers within […]