Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket Review

The Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover Jacket uses its own pocket as a stuff sack, making it great for backpacking and extreme day hikes in the spring and fall.

Below are video reviews of people who own the Nano. They are uncut, unfiltered and designed so you can get a fully educated opinion on this piece of gear by people who actually own it.

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Video Reviews

Name:  Perry Rosenbloom

Pros:  light weight, packs up small, comfortable, warm

Cons:  Challenging to pack back up into the pocket and zip, no hand pockets

Owned For:  About three years

Recommends:  Yes

Today I’m going to be reviewing my Patagonia Nano Puff synthetic jacket.You may be wondering how I’m going to review a jacket when it’s just this little thing here. But this synthetic jacket packs down this small. It’s fantastic for backpacking. Great for any extreme day hikes if you’re going in the fall or the spring. And I absolutely love it. So you unzip it. This is all one piece right now.You can take it out and you see it just tucked right into the pocket there, which is just so awesome. You don’t need to worry about a stuff sack or anything. And there you go, you got this jacket zipped up.So here’s the Nano Puff all pulled out. I’m not sure of the weight, but I know it’s super, ultra light. It’s Patagonia’s lightest jacket. It’s not down, so it’s not as warm as a down jacket, but it’s synthetic and keeps me really, really warm in the winter usually with just a base layer underneath it. I’m going to throw it on real fast to show you what it looks like. Sorry if you got some feedback with the microphone there. But here’s it on.

Nice and easy to pull up. The sleeves roll up nice and easily. I’m a little sweaty right now. We just hiked a nice hike in Mt. Sanitas here. You can zip it up. Let me get the mic out. You can zip it up and it comes all the way up here so you get nice full upper-body protection. Lots of room, lots of mobility if you’re hiking with hiking polls. I really love this jacket.

I’m going to take it off now and just show you how it packs back up into this pocket right here.

Just so you know I’m going to tell you what I don’t like about this jacket real fast. The one thing I don’t like is that there’s no pockets right here, so no where to tuck your hands in if you’re hiking or if you’re just out in the wintertime to keep your hands warm. That’s the one really big drawback about this jacket, there’s only this pocket here.

But it’s ultralight, so there’s sacrifices that have to be made. I’m going to show you how it tucks back into the pocket. Just unzip it here. Take the pocket, pull it out, and then it turns into a stuff sack. And you just start stuffing it in there. The first little bit is the hardest part. Once you get the first little bit in it really turns into clearly a stuff sack. Alright. Zipper it closed here. The zipper can be the hardest part. It’s another thing I really don’t like about the jacket is just zippering the stuff sack closed. Just because it is the pocket, it’s really difficult to get in.

But there you go, the Patagonia Nano Puff ultralight synthetic jacket. It’s a pull over, tucks right back into its own pocket. I’ve owned this jacket for about three years now, and because it there’s no pockets to put your hands in and because I find it a little challenging to stuff back into its stuff sack, which is the only pocket on the jacket, I give it four out of five stars, but I would definitely recommend it to a friend who’s looking for an ulta-light jacket for backpacking.

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