Petzl Elia Climbing Helmet

The Petzl Elia climbing helmet is a women’s specific helmet that does everything you’d expect a climbing helmet to do: It protects your head, is breathable and comfortable. And thanks to the Omega patented headband system, you can easily adjust for as precise a fit as necessary.

Below is a video testimonial from Nancy Kole. Nancy and I chatted about a lot of her gear one afternoon in Chautuaqua Park in Boulder, CO.

She’s a major outdoor junkie, with climbing gear, backpacking equipment and plenty more!

Name: Nancy Kole

Pros: Good Fit, Comfortable

Cons: None

Owned For: 1 Year

Recommends: Yes

Hi, I’m Nancy, I go to CU and I live in Boulder, and I’m here today to talk about the Petzl Elia Women’s climbing helmet.

So this is a great helmet for beginners and experienced climbers. It has cushions in the top, so that if your head does hit the rocks, it’ll stay comfortable. It has this positioned head-gear net (plastic positioned headgear to avoid direct blow upon impact) and an adjustable clip.

I liked it better than a lot of the helmets that are out there on the market right now, just because the fit is better and it doesn’t have any fancy weird visor type things on the helmet.

It’s just a really good helmet, it comes in black too, and it fits really well.

Anything you don’t like about it?

Not really, climbing helmets kind of make your head look a little funny, but they’re the safest things to have on when you’re out there.

And how long have you owned this helmet?

About a year.

And how many stars out of 5 would you give it?

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

And why not the full 5?

Because there’s more expensive helmets out there than have better technology, but this one’s good to start off with.

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