REI Crestrail Review

The REI Crestrail Backpack holds everything you could need and more. There’s a space for your Camelpak, extra pockets, and easy access to the main body if you just need to grab something quickly. The backpack also sits comfortably fully packed.

Below is a video testimonial from Andy Pyrus. I met Andy while hiking in Chautuaqua Park in Boulder, CO. Him and his buddies were returning down the trail after climbing one of the Flat Irons.

He used this backpack for carrying all his gear, but it is perfectly suitable for backpacking, too.

Video Review

Name:  Andy Pyrus

Pros:  Heavy duty, Lots of space, Comfortable

Cons:  Color

Owned For:  A few months

Recommends:  Yes

Hi, my name is Andy Rosen Pyrus. I’m walking around with the REI Crestrail 70 backpack right here.

I’ve had it for a few months now and I’m liking it a lot.

It holds 70 liters and it’s heavy duty. It has a good amount of compartments, lots of space. Holds a Camelbak… two water bottles on each side… it’s great.

It holds everything I need in it and more.

Can you walk us through the inside and the pockets?

Definitely! You got a pocket in here. It holds whatever you need… You got a decent sized mid-pocket right here.

You have easy access to the inside of the bag through here. And then you got the main body of it right here.

Cool! So this pocket right here connects to the main body, as well?

Yeah, just for easy access if you just want to get certain items out if you know where they are. Easy to just grab it

Is that a sleeping bag compartment down there?

I think it’s just more access for whatever you have at the bottom of the bag… climbing shoes, sleeping bag, tent…

What do you primarily use it for?

Climbing gear. It holds two harnesses, two pairs of shoes, a rope, baby lunch box, changing gear, clothes… it holds everything!

Anything you don’t like about it?

Umm, honestly, not really. It’s got really good support for the straps… the back’s really nice. It’s got nice pads… Rests perfectly right on the hips.

Can we see you put it on and buckle on up?

Great! How many stars out of five would you give it?

I’d give it 4… 4 and a half.

Why not five?

Mainly the color. That’s the only reason. Other than that… well, that’s it!

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