REI Kimtah Rain Jacket

The REI Kimtah Rain Jacket is an ideal rain jacket for any wet weather. It keeps you perfectly dry and warm, while still having excellent breathability thanks to its Direct Venting technology. Say goodbye to overheating in a rain jacket!

Below is a video testimonial from Jerome Lissman. Jerome’s owned the REI Kimtah Rain Jacket for 5 months and took it with him on a fairly epic bicycle tour.

We met up at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO to chat about this jacket, as well as his favorite tent.

Being a bicycle tourer, Jerome had a lot of unique insight that someone like myself, a hiker, wouldn’t be able to provide. I hope you love this review!

Video Review

Name: Jerome Lissman

Pros: Great Breathability, Warm, Adjustable

Cons: Doesn’t Compact Down

Owned For: 5 Months

Recommends: Yes

Hello, my name is Jerome Lissman, I’m 23 years old from northern New Jersey, and I’m a bicycle tourist, and this here is an REI lightweight Kimtah rain jacket.How long have you owned it for, Jerome?

I’ve owned this since May, so I’ve been wearing this for about 5 months, and I got it for a trip that I just finished, so I have been wearing it pretty regularly for the past 5 months. I was touring through the Pacific Northwest where it’s really wet and rainy, so I was wearing this daily and it did me pretty well.

I was wearing it while I was riding a bike. I’ve worn a lot of different jackets and wind breakers to keep me dry while I’m riding and a lot of them make me sweat. This one did, too, as they all do, but it was also pretty airy underneath.

It doesn’t have any of those arm pit zippers that a lot of jackets have, but I didn’t notice that to be a problem at all. It was still pretty airy and light, and at the same time I could wear it as a layer to keep me warmer.

Cool! Can we see the zippers over there? They seem pretty waterproof.

Yeah, just regular pockets here, as you can see, it’s just a net here, I guess that helps with keeping it airy.

I never had any issues with stuff getting wet, or any trouble with that.

It has a little chest pocket here for an iPod. It’s really comfortable with the hood, and you can kind of make different adjustments with these pull strings if you wanted to tighten the hood a little bit. I never really had to do too much of that, it just fit me pretty well.

There are adjustments here on the wrist, if it’s getting cold and you want to tighten that up. It’s a pretty basic jacket, but I think it’s just good quality and I think it did me pretty well on a summer bike ride through the pacific northwest.

Awesome, anything you don’t like about it?

Well, I’ve traveled with some rain jackets or ponchos that compress very easily into their own pocket or their own pouch so you can store them for travel very easily. This one doesn’t quite scrunch up like that, because it’s a windbreaker. I think it’s a little more heavy duty of a jacket, so I would still roll it up to pack it, but maybe that would be the only issue I had with it. I didn’t really have any major issues with it otherwise.

And how many stars out of 5 would you give it?

I guess I would give it a solid 4 stars, I’m not going to give it 5 because I guess it’s not perfect, I wasn’t blown away with it, but it’s a really solid jacket. It served me very well, and like I said, I’ve been traveling with it for a while and there’s no rips or none of the Velcro coming off. No issues with the zipper. It’s a really solid jacket and I’d give it 4 stars.

Great, thanks so much!

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