See in the Dark with the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

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Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

The nighttime in the outdoors can be even more fun than the daytime, when conditions are right. After all, who doesn’t love to stargaze on a clear night high in the mountains or hike along a moonlit stream? Night can provide some of the most beautiful scenery in the great outdoors, giving you a wholly different experience than you would have in the daytime.

However, being active in the outdoors after night falls can be somewhat dangerous. In addition to having reduced visibility when it comes to navigating terrain, darkness can prevent you from seeing dangerous animals, increase your chances of getting separated, and cause several other problems that would spell bad news in the backcountry.

Thankfully, technology is here to help you see better at night, and it comes in a reasonably-priced and extremely convenient package. Meet the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera.

Unlike most traditional thermal cameras, which will quickly cost you thousands of dollars, the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera is just $249, and works by turning your iPhone or Android device into your very own thermal camera. Connecting to your phone’s charging port and pairing with the Seek app, the screen of your phone becomes a display showing your surroundings and searching for heat signatures.

This camera features 32,000 thermal-sensing pixels, which can measure the temperature of objects as close as 8 inches or as far as a football field away. This can come in very handy when in the great outdoors when it is dark.

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The practical applications for the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera are pretty much endless. While the camera will come in handy to people like architects and contractors  – looking for where heat is escaping in a home – it will be equally useful to outdoorsmen and women.

This camera can certainly serve as a nice insurance policy when you are hiking at night, or even just hanging at your campsite. If you’re hiking, it’s always good to know what lies ahead that is not seen with the naked eye. Just as importantly, if you’re awakened in the night at your campsite by the noises of an unfamiliar animal, you can use the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera to see exactly what sort of creature you are dealing with, as well as how close it is.

In addition to detecting wild animals, the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera will also be adept at detecting humans. If (God forbid) someone in your party gets lost or injured and cannot call for help, the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera will help you locate them, even during night and even in spots that you usually could not see. Hopefully you will never need the camera for this purpose, but it never hurts to have a safety net, just in case.

The Seek Thermal Imaging Camera is available for iPhone and Android, and can be yours for just $249. Whether you wish to use it for safety, or just for fun, is up to you.

No matter what you plan to do, check out the Seek Thermal Imaging Camera here!

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