Vasque Wasatch GTX Hiking Boots Review

These are top rated hiking boots that provide great ankle support in a waterproof backpacking boot body.

Everyone raves about how comfortable these hiking boots are, which is a major plus considering boots can take months to break in. But with the Vasque Wasatch GTX boots, you can go backpacking with them after taking them off the shelves.

Below are video interviews with real people we’ve met while hiking that own the Vasque Wasatch GTX hiking boots. They are uncut video testimonials so that you can hear directly from an owner what they love and hate about these hiking boots.

Name:  Mike

Pros:  Comfortable, Great traction, Waterproof

Cons:  Don’t stay tied

Owned For:  A few years

Recommends:  Yes

My name is Mike and I’ll be talking about my hiking boots.

What kind of boots do you have?

I have the Vasque Wasatch GTX boots.

Great! Can you show us what you like about them? What you don’t like about them?

I’ve had these about two years and I actually like everything about them. I got them just before going on about a dozen serious hikes a couple summers ago to replace some boots that I had for about 15 years.

And they’ve been comfortable from the very beginning… almost like they were broken in to start with.

They got Vibram soles on them, which has come in handy on many occasions. They are Gore-Tex and completely waterproof.

Anything you don’t like about them?

The only thing I could come up with is that they don’t always stay tied properly. But besides that, in terms of the performance and comfort of the boot, I like them.

And how many stars out of 5 would you give them?


Great! Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you very much.

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