Weekend Warrior Wednesday – March 19th

weekend warrior badge Warriors, unite! This week we get to check in on Warriors of all ages–from the inspirational Tatay Oca, 67, to a group of adventurous preschool-aged Young Warriors. Because it doesn’t matter how old or young you may be–the only prerequisite for being a Warrior is what’s in your heart. And I gotta say, all these fine folks this week have plenty of heart indeed!

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Here are the top 5 pictures we found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!


Kenneth was climbing Mt. Pico De Loro in the Philippines when he met Tatay Oca, a 67-year-old former scuba instructor. And as they hiked together, Kenneth shared stories with the man and discovered from him what it means to be True Warrior. Hit the link for more photos of the inspiring Tatay and his victories! / Mt. Bratpacker


A-OK, J-Bo and Matt just went skiing around Mt. Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Here’s Matt, carving a path down the straight-line bit of Forked Tongue. Check out the blog link for some truly epic pics of their adventure! / Tetons and Wasatch


Leslin and her brother took a road trip to North Conway, a small resort town nestled in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, to do a little ice climbing. Here’s Leslin showing offer her Warrior skills while repelling! / Leslin Alicia


Anja and ae.i just showed their Warrior colors when they climbed New Zealand’s Mt. Taranaki in 8 hours. Here’s an awesome photo Anja took from The Lizard, looking down, catching ae.i and some crazy-cool clouds. Click the link to read the blog and see more photos! / ae.i


Young Warriors in training! The Wren’s Nest Wilderness Preschool is doing some awesome work, caring for the Weekend Warriors of tomorrow. How can you look at this picture and think any different?! Check out their blog for more pics of these little adventurers in action! / Wren’s Nest Wilderness Preschool

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering the best outdoor photos from around the web from outdoor junkies and weekend warriors like you! If you got a photo you want featured, send it our way! What’s your favorite of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. It was very inspiring to see a man at his age (67) still climbing mountains and making his dream happen. It was an honor to meet Tatay Oca, truly a warrior on his own right.

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