Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 28th

weekend warrior badge Warriors, unite!

This week we honor the diversity of our fellow Weekend Warriors. I’m talking about all the different kinds of adventurers and explorers out there who tackle the same mountains, trails, ice walls, and boulders with the same unbreakable will and indescribable joy. Students, tour guides, scientists, and even dogs–all Warriors and all to be celebrated!

Check out their pics below and then hit the jump to their blogs for more awesome photos and stories!

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Here are the top 5 pictures we found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!


Altus took a group up the beautiful Bugaboo Mountains. They took advantage of the gorgeous weather to conquer East Post Spire, Bugaboo Spire, Pidgeon Spire, Pidgeon Feathers, Crescent Towers, and even Snowpatch Spire. Here’s one Warrior having the time of her life on the trip. / Altus Mountain Guides


The National Outdoor Leadership School introduced more than 70 freshmen from Lander Valley High School to the sheer joy of rock climbing. Here’s one student who’s very obviously a future Warrior in training! / The NOLS Blog 


Abby, Guion and Pyrrha (a beautiful German Shepherd) took to Shenendoah National Park with their friends James, Sara and Silas (a super fluffy, super handsome Great Pyrenees Mix). Here, Pyrrha, a great Weekend Warrior herself, watches Guion climb some rocks, probably thinking “I can do that in one easy jump…” Check out their blog for more awesome pics of Pyrrha, Silas, and their human friends. / Doggerel


Casey and his RMI Expedition team took this picture on the Roof of Africa! At 2:45 am, Pacific Standard Time, they reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Man, it sure looks sunny for the middle of the night… Kidding! Kidding! Follow the link to check out their route. Congrats to the team! / RMI Expeditions Blog


Blair and her merry band of self-proclaimed snow geeks just went into the Scottish Hills to see how much snow was left. They do this every year around the 20th of August for science. And because it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Check out Blair’s blog for more information on this Snow Geek (Warrior!) Study. Here’s a pic of our leading lady standing by the patch below Point Five Gully. / Blair Fyffe, Climbing and Things

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering the best outdoor photos from around the web from outdoor junkies and weekend warriors like you! If you got a photo you want featured, send it our way! What’s your favorite of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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