Weekend Warrior Wednesday – December 4th

weekend warrior badge Warriors, unite! If you’re thinking it’s about time to work off that extra helping of Thanksgiving stuffing by hitting the trails, then you’re right!

The following Warriors are way ahead of you, though, so take a look at what they’ve been up to for some motivation and then get your fannies out of doors!

It’s time to for some serious Near-Winter Warrior Action!

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Here are the top 5 pictures we found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!


In the small mountain village of El Chalten, Argentina, Scott and his crew decided to take on the beautiful Stanhardt Col. Here’s a pic of the final approach at sunrise. How gorgeous is that?! Hit the link to visit Scott’s blog and see some more awesome photos! / Rope and Summit


Amy says she was embarrassed by her first attempt to rock climb in Thailand. But WE say that there are countless people out there who will NEVER TRY AT ALL and finding that first toehold is the first step towards becoming a true Warrior. So, welcome to the club Amy! / Ticket to Ride


Professional climber Alex Johnson is staying in the town of Claro in the breathtakingly gorgeous mountains of Switzerland. By night she snuggles up in front of a fire with a movie and a glass of wine, but by day she’s busy scaling mountains and climbing slabs of unfamiliar granite! Here’s a real Warrior who doesn’t just work on the weekends! Check out her website for more pics and stories. / On the Rocks


Stevie, Inigo and Jeff have been real busy in Malta’s Underworld. No, not the seedy back alleys, but the gigantic and gorgeous sea cliffs, where your crazy ascent is scored by a soundtrack of huge waves crashing into rock and is lit by some of the most beautiful sunsets of all time. Here, Warrior Inigo is tackling the Kinky Dwarf–which is really just as awesome as it sounds! / Stevie Haston


Robin recently gave old Wobblestone Crack (in the Burbage-area Peak District of north England) a climb and found out that it was so named for a reason–lot’s of wobbly, loose stone! But Robin is a Warrior and prevailed with mighty aplomb. Here he is about halfway up the tricky climb. / the Severe climber

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