Weekend Warrior Wednesday – October 23rd

weekend warrior badge Warriors, unite! Listen up: being a Weekend Warrior isn’t always about gripping a rock formation with two fingers while dangling over the edge of the world. It isn’t always about breaking records and shedding blood, sweat and tears while you do it. It isn’t always about pushing your body to the absolute limits of your endurance and courage.

It’s about getting out there and finding adventure, peace, inspiration and fulfillment–both physical and spiritual.

It’s about choosing NOT to sit on the couch watching reality TV, but rather saying YES to the open invitation from Mother Nature for a visit.

I’m not saying this week’s entries don’t feature Warriors who are being challenged–they almost certainly are. I’m just saying that even if you’re just going on a leisurely hike in the woods with your dog, you are showing yourself to be a Warrior. By hitting the trail, no matter it’s difficulty, you are saying YES.

Just like these awesome folks did. Be sure to hit the links to their blogs for pics and descriptions of their cool weekend adventures!

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Here are the top 5 pictures we found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!


Training with the Queen of the Rock Monkeys, this Zen Warrior is getting herself ready for a big riding trip in the Arizona Desert. Here she is, cruising among the rocks on Butterknife on the Lunch Loops in Colorado. Id’ say she’s looking more than ready for Tucson! / Zen On Dirt


Multi-faceted Warriors Tommy and Elicia are teaching English in South Korea for a year and taking advantage of some truly awesome mountain hiking while they’re there. Here they are, with friend Patrick, at the summit of Cheonhwangbong Peak in Songnisan National Park. / Klimbing Korean Mountains


Not to be out done by Tommy and Elicia, Caitlyn and H are also exploring the great mountain wildernesses of South Korea. Here, H stands on the summit of Wolchusan, conquering not only the peak but also his fear of heights. Now that’s a Warrior! / Adventurers at Heart…


Tom–one of the blog URL’s titular Two Belgians–is taking a bicycle tour of Taiwan. He’s almost done, but one of the last (and most beautiful) locations he wanted to hit up was Hehuanshan Mountain. Here he is at the top! / Traveling Around the World


Dave and Jackie took their two pups on a nice hike down Long Train Trail and up Citizen’s Climb in British Columbia’s Port Alberni. Here’s a victorious Tanky (with Jackie’s feet) posing far above Port Alberni. In my book, all four of them are Warriors! / Dave and Jackie Run

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering the best outdoor photos from around the web from outdoor junkies and weekend warriors like you! If you got a photo you want featured, send it our way! What’s your favorite of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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