Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 17th, 2013

weekend warrior badge Warriors, unite! This week I’m writing from the island of Kauai, which is far more gorgeous than you’d ever think possible! I’m hiking Sleeping Giant and riding the waves at Polihale state beach. It’s spectacular, gang!

In honor of my trip, I wanted to give today’s Weekend Warrior post a Hawaiian theme, to see what you warriors have been up to around the islands. But there’s just too much awesomeness going on around the world to leave anyone out! So we travel from Hawaii’s Oahu to France’s Mt. Blanc, hitting a few unforgettable places in between, as we check out pics and blogs from our fellow Weekend Warriors worldwide!

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Here are the top 5 pictures we found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!


Jenni and Jeffrey took to Washington’s Olympic Mountains to get a bird’s-eye-view of the Pacific Northwest. Here, Jenni looks down upon her gorgeous new domain. Just don’t call it the Switzerland of the Northwest, whatever you do! (Check out their blog to find out why…) / Lazarow World-Hike-About


Anna climbs up from the Red Pillar of the Aiguille de Blaitiere. Here she is just after reaching Pitch 1 on Majorette Thatcher. Look at that Warrior smile on Anna’s face–no fear, just pure happy. Check out the blog for more awesome pics. / Mountainpassion



Joseph goes Super Nova at the International Climbers’ Festival this past Monday. Everyone tried their hand at tackling the Paralysis Project–no one’s been able to make that ascent yet. But this one? Oh, Joseph has it totally under control, like a true Warrior. / Lloyd Climbing Blog


Megan is a mother of three, does cross-fit several times a week, and climbed Southern Utah’s gigantic Chuckwalla Wall like the Warrior boss she is! / Foggy Dress


Rosala’s hanging with her family in Hawaii this summer, but she’s not just lazing around on beaches. The family took a trip up Manana Trail, a long and winding 6-mile route on Oahu, upon which they crowned themselves victorious warriors! / A Rose With Happiness

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering the best outdoor photos from around the web from outdoor junkies and weekend warriors like you! If you got a photo you want featured, send it our way! What’s your favorite of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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