Weekend Warrior Wednesday – June 26th

weekend warrior badge Weekend Warriors, unite! This is the first post I’m doing like this. Basically, every Wednesday I’ll scan the globe, finding the best photos of Weekend Warriors and posting them here for us all to drool over.

Summer is finally here, and you know what that means: we start making our daydreams of going on outdoor adventures a reality with awesome trips and excursions. For those of you who can’t break free from the cubicles quite yet, you can live vicariously through these warriors who were able to get out last weekend and cut loose!

I’ve also posted links to each of their blogs, so be sure to check ’em out for more wicked pics and stories of their adventures.

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Here are the top 5 pictures I found this week for Weekend Warrior Wednesday. Hope you’ll share your comments below!

bouldering a big boulder

Bryan and Co. take the fight to Mailbox Peak, where he owns the Shield. Look at that reach! Check out their blog for more awesome photos of the climb. / Day Job


hiking to the summit of Palaassip Qaqqa

Passengers of the MV Fram expedition cruise vessel got off the boat and took a trek to the summit of Palaassip Qaqqa on one of Greenland’s most beautiful mountain hikes. Check out the site for more pics from their adventure! / MV Fram Expedition Blog


getting ready to hike an awesome hike

Kery and Mykl tackled this mountain over the weekend with some friends. It looks like they had an awesome time and took some great pics along the way. Take a look! / Wolf Bear Xander


 snowshoeing across the Crochues Traverse

Tristan and Charlie marched up France’s Flegere, snowshoeing across the Crochues Traverse, and then aiming for the Aiguille du Belvedere summit (that’s what Tristan’s looking up at in this pic). Other excellent photos can be found at their blog! / Chamonix Climbing and Skiing

cycling stevens canyon

Jill went looking for her mojo this weekend on what looks like a beautiful bike ride up Steven’s Canyon. She found it…and a friendly coyote along the way–check out her blog for pics! / Jill Outside

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering the best outdoor photos from around the web from outdoor junkies and weekend warriors like you! If you got a photo you want featured, send it my way!

What’s your favorite of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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