Whitefish Montana Real Estate

Purchasers of Whitefish Montana real estate are dreamers: dreamers of life in a mountain town that offers world class skiing, expansive views, and culture.

Unfortunately, for families on tighter budget restrictions, real estate in Whitefish might be out of reach.

While Whitefish properties were once relatively inexpensive, a recent surge of trophy home, 3 month residents have caused property costs to skyrocket.

That’s not to say deals cannot be found, though–as with any real estate hunt, persistence and thorough research can yield gems.

Finding Perfect Whitefish Properties

While I do not have the experience of purchasing property or real estate in Whitefish, MT, I dream big and frequently.

The economic downturn has started to affect Whitefish Montana real estate costs and for those in the hunt, the next few years are prime purchasing time.

Real estate agents are helpful, but the internet is allowing many sellers and buyers to avoid agents and related costs all together.

Tips for purchasing your dream property in Whitefish include:

  • Craigslist – Scan craigslist homes for sale. Around half of all postings do not include real estate agents, allowing you to save money
  • ZillowZillow is fantastic resource for those in the Whitefish Montana real estate market. It keeps tabs on property costs for the last 10 years, allowing you to see shifts in the market and estimate future costs.
  • Purchase in Winter – Real estate and property costs are cheapest in the winter, so plan to buy then

Is Purchasing Real Estate in Whitefish for You?

Deciding to purchase Whitefish Montana real estate is a personal choice. You need to think long and hard about the benefits and drawbacks.

Personally, I believe Whitefish, MT is the perfect mountain town, offering numerous benefits for both young and old, including:

  • Culture – Four breweries within an easy drive, art galleries, and sushi!
  • Outdoor Activities – There’s a plethora of hiking trails and a ski resort in your backyard — oh, did I mention Glacier National Park is a 30 minute drive?
  • Cost of Living – While Whitefish, MT is more expensive than other areas of Montana, the cost of living is still cheap compared to other mountain towns

In my opinion, if you are in the market for a vacation home or full time residence and desire mountain town living, the best thing to do is travel to Whitefish and see if it is for you.

Worst case scenario: Spend a few days in paradise.

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