Zamberlan Airound GTX RR: Hiking Shoe Review

Zamberlan Airound GTX RR

Zamberlan Airound GTX RR Hiking Shoe

Plenty of shoes we write about like to use the word “breathable” to describe their shoes in a positive way. Indeed, for hikers and backpackers, having breathable shoes that keep your feet cool and comfortable in warm weather is of great importance. And while many shoes we’ve featured are definitely very breathable, no shoe we have reviewed on this site can give the Zamberlan Airound GTX RR Hiking Shoe a run for its money in terms of breathability.

That is because the Airound GTX RR is the first shoe in the history of shoes to offer true, 100%, 360-degree breathability. What does that mean, exactly? Well, to put it simply, the Airound GTX RR breathes everywhere imaginable, including from the sole of the shoe – an accomplishment which Zamberlan is also the first and only company to engineer. These shoes are very lightweight at just 13.6 ounces, and feature a level of breathability that we guarantee you have never experienced before. But the Zamberlan Airound GTX RR Hiking Shoes are much more than simply lightweight and breathable; these shoes have a wide range of features that make them the perfect option for your summer hikes.

While the Airound GTX RR is incredibly lightweight and minimalist, it is still a durable shoe that is designed for hiking technical terrain with the utmost speed and ease. The sole gets its one-of-a-kind breathability via Zamberlan’s trademarked Vibram Speed Hiking design, which incorporates Gore-Tex Surround technology and patented Gore open cell spacers in the midsole. These spacers allow excess heat and moisture to escape right from the bottom of your foot. However, this airy design does not make the sole of the shoe any less durable. Underneath the breathable midsole, the Airound GTX RR has a durable Vibram outsole, complete with TPU stabilizers under the arch. This design allows the shoes to be able to traverse the most challenging and rugged terrain.

What’s more, the heel and toe are reinforced with Thermoplastic, and the shank is comprised of compression-molded EVA material, giving the shoe excellent flexibility and protection from pesky rocks and debris.

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Further adding to the Airound GTX RR’s durability is the fact that the shoe is completely waterproof. This might seem strange given the fact that the shoe is filled with microscopic openings for optimal breathability, but the Airound GTX RR uses Gore-Tex coating to ensure that no moisture will get in, even while plenty of moisture gets out. Nothing can ruin a summer hike quite like stepping in a puddle and having soggy socks the rest of the day, and the Airound GTX RR will make certain that this is never an issue.

The upper part of the shoe is constructed of 3D mesh with a polyurethane seal, and the tongue is composed of gusseted elastic, further increasing flexibility and comfort. The tread is ergonomically designed to cushion your foot while providing great traction, even on gravel and uneven surfaces. Everywhere you look on the Airound GTX RR, the shoe features design elements that are explicitly intended to ensure that your feet have never been happier on a hike.

Quite frankly, if you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable hiking shoe that can handle any trail in the summer heat, the Zamberlan Airound GTX RR Hiking Shoe might be in a class of its own right now. With completely unparalleled breathability, a lightweight design, and a durable exterior that can take a beating, the Airound GTX RR is the ultimate summer hiking shoe. Learn more about it here!
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