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Buying the Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

An ultralight sleeping bag is one of the best methods of reducing pack weight and becoming an ultralight backpacker. But so many lightweight sleeping bag models exist–picking the best ultralight bag to meet your needs is a tough process. Plus, some have astronomical costs. Are the costs justified? Let’s find out. What I’ve Learned About […]

Buying a 2 Person Sleeping Bag

The comfort afforded couples through double sleeping bags is second-to-none. While camping is an escape into solitude, it doesn’t mean that you must forsake all the comforts of modernity–especially your significant otherÂ’s warm touch in the cold, starry night. Unfortunately, most extra wide sleeping bags aren’t designed for mountainous camping weather, which can creep into […]

Best Dog Sleeping Bag

A dog sleeping bag? Really? Believe it or not, yes, there are sleeping bags made to keep your canine comfortable and warm through the night. “But, dogs are natural animals, with lots of hair to keep them warm. They can tough it out,” you think. Wrong. While breeds such as Malamutes and Huskies are designed […]

Sleeping Bag Storage

Your sleeping bag’s lifespan is dependent on your sleeping bag storage techniques, both long-term during off-season and while in the tent. So be sure to bookmark this page and return before a hiking trip or after coming home from one. You’ve spent enough cash investing in the best sleeping bag for your camping needs. By […]

What's The Best Sleeping Bag For Your Vacation?

Determining the best sleeping bag for your Montana vacation is key to your happiness. While it’s possible to find bargain, discounted sleeping bags, if you purchase a cheap sleeping bag from Wal-mart, you’re guaranteed nights of cold and misery. Don’t fail to invest in a quality sleeping bag or you risk compromising your entire vacation, […]

Bear Repellent

Hiking in Glacier National Park without bear repellent puts the lives of your entire hiking party at risk. The fact is, Glacier National Park is prime grizzly bear habitat. Although they’re not aggressive toward humans by nature, grizzly bear attacks happen. In the event of encountering an aggressive grizzly bear, bear spray is the only […]