Buying a 2 Person Sleeping Bag

The comfort afforded couples through double sleeping bags is second-to-none. While camping is an escape into solitude, it doesn’t mean that you must forsake all the comforts of modernity–especially your significant otherÂ’s warm touch in the cold, starry night.

Unfortunately, most extra wide sleeping bags aren’t designed for mountainous camping weather, which can creep into frigid conditions even during July evenings. If you’re considering purchasing a 2 person sleeping bag, here is a bit of advice to help guide you along and make sure you buy the right sleeping bag for you.

Are Double Sleeping Bags a Good Idea?

When I started camping with my girlfriend Allyson (now wife), we wanted nothing more than to be snuggling all the time. And camping in a National Park, whether frontcountry or backcountry, is romantic. It’s just you, the silent night and the biting of a thousand mosquitos.

Still, even with all the bugs and romance in the air, you don’t want to buy a 2 person sleeping bag if you camp in mountainous terrain. Especially during shoulder seasons. Why? Because there will be too many air pockets.

See, mummy style sleeping bags are designed to fit your shape perfectly and minimize the amount of air pockets present. What is an air pocket? Well, an air pocket is simply when air is allowed to fester between your body and the sleeping bag. The more air pockets that exist, the chillier you’ll be through the night.

Granted, in 2 person sleeping bags, you have another warm body next to you. However, because king size sleeping bags tend to be rectangular in shape, they don’t contour to your body like mummy sleeping bags, so there’s a greater likelihood of cold spots.

Picture it like this: A 2 person bag is like buying a quilt that wraps all the way around you. There’s no possible way it will fit your body shape perfectly and you’re liable to a much, much colder night than if you just slept with your sleeping pads next to each other.

But if you really insist, I’ll oblige and go into detail about when 2 person sleeping bags can be used comfortably.

When Double Sleeping Bags Can Be Used

If your vacation is going to be spent in the backcountry on trails, than the best sleeping bag for you would be a down, ultralight sleeping bag (here’s my buying guide and here are the top 5 ultralight sleeping bags that I recommend).

However, if this is a family vacation and you will be hiking in the National Park during the day and car camping at night, you can consider getting a double sleeping bag. I still wouldn’t recommend it, but for car camping you can get away with it.

Benefits And Drawbacks
Of 2 Person Sleeping Bags

So you’re still pestering me about these 2 person sleeping bags? Want the pros and cons? Fine. Here they are in a nice, neat fashion:


  • Your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend will lie next to you, without a layer of synthetic material between you
  • More room to wiggle around, but you risk bumping into your loved one and waking them in the middle of the night

On the flip side…

  • You’ll need a bigger tent to provide enough room for your extra wide sleeping bag
  • Most don’t have the appropriate temperature rating — The majority of 2 person sleeping bags don’t have a 30 degree rating and you need that to camp in any National Parks in the West.
  • Extra wide sleeping bags are only useable if you’re car camping. The bulkiness, air pockets and added weight make these impossible to use in the backcountry

If you’re still interested, you can click here to learn more about them at REI

Again, I don’t recommend them. But if you really wanna check it out, that’s your call. If you only camp in the southeast, then fine, you can get away with it. Anywhere else, you need a real sleeping bag. Not 2 quilts sewn together.

More Sleeping Bag Information

Not interested in a 2 person sleeping bag? Phew. Then check out my recommendations on the Best Sleeping Bag for single individuals.

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