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Best Lightweight Tripods for P&S and dSLR Cameras

I’ve bought two lightweight tripods: one for my dSLR and one for my point & shoot. Learn what I liked & disliked about the two ultralight tripods I’ve owned Photography in the outdoors is an unbeatable creative pastime. It’s also a heavy pastime. If you’re looking to cut back on the ounces, get your hands […]

Buying Guide for Ultralight Hiking Clothes

Learn from an ounce counting backpacker about how to buy lightweight clothing & about the best ultralight hiking clothes for men & women Every ounce is important when you go backpacking for any length of time. The more you carry, the harder it’ll be. Outfitting yourself in the best lightweight outdoor clothing goes a long […]

Seeing a Grizzly Bear in Jackson Hole's Paintbrush Canyon

During August 2010, I was in Jackson Hole supporting a relay for life American Cancer Society Fund raising event. Since I was going to be in Jackson Hole,