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Goal Zero Offers a Solar Kit for Camping that Won't Disappoint

Have you ever wished for an electrical outlet when camping, hiking or climbing? Of course you have. We all have. Most of the products we buy to fulfill this wish don’t live up to our expectations, though. There’s a lot of solar-powered crap out there that does little more than drain our wallets and savings. […]

Whens Should Bears Be Put Down?

A couple weeks ago, I asked–and tried to answer–the question of when it’s appropriate for us to interfere with nature in our national parks. Today, that question strikes me again, but in a much more specific way: when is it okay to outright kill animals in our parks? I’m not talking about licensed hunting or […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 3rd

Weekend Warriors, unite! We’re now well into July, but not even the high heat of summer can keep adventurers like us inside! I’ve scoured the web and found another awesome set of five photos from our fellow Weekend Warriors’ blogs. We’ve got rock climbers, trail hikers, Everest attackers, and even a newly-minted kid Warrior. Take […]