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Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 28th

Warriors, unite! This week we honor the diversity of our fellow Weekend Warriors. I’m talking about all the different kinds of adventurers and explorers out there who tackle the same mountains, trails, ice walls, and boulders with the same unbreakable will and indescribable joy. Students, tour guides, scientists, and even dogs–all Warriors and all to […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 21st

Warriors, unite! Eeek! We’re one day late! Sorry! For lots of folks around the US, school is back in session. Kids are packing their bags, teachers are writing their lesson plans, and administrators are sharpening their pencils. Too bad for them, because we’re still out there grabbing ahold of the world and lifting ourselves up […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 14th

Warriors, unite! When it comes to epic stories of survival, danger, and good old fashioned adventure, nothing beats a great cliff-hanger. We all know our hero is going to come out on top in the end, but before they reach the summit of their quest, there’s a thrilling tension that keeps us on the edge […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 7th, 2013

Warrior, unite! They say it’s the journey, and not the destination, that makes an adventure worth taking. And while I absolutely agree with that sentiment, I can honestly say that getting to your destination and reveling in your success ain’t half bad, either! This week we salute those Warriors who accomplished what they set out […]

UWaterK8 Waterproof MP3 Player Let's Us Listen to Our Tunes Underwater

Smartphones, iPods, and other MP3-playing devices are great for when you’re tromping through the wilderness alone. You can play music, listen to audiobooks, or even learn a thing or two from a non-fiction recording while you enjoy Mother Nature. But it gets a little difficult to do those things when you’re swimming, kayaking, rowing, trekking […]